Lawlor MMA cage fight set for this Friday’s FUSION

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor will once again step foot inside an MMA cage and he will do it THIS FRIDAY.

As Team Filthy and the Stud Stable’s feud continues to escalate, Lawlor has challenged a member of the Stud Stable to enter the cage in a closed doors MMA dojo challenge… and Colonel Robert Parker has accepted!

Dispatching the massive super heavyweight Mike Parrow, Colonel Parker and his Stud Stable entered Team Filthy’s dojo – the Jungle MMA & Fitness in Orlando this week for the MMA encounter.

The Jungle MMA & Fitness is owned and operated by Team Filthy’s coach and fight team member Seth Petruzelli, who will corner Lawlor in the fight.

League officials have confirmed the fight was filmed and will air this Friday night on MLW FUSION. Tune-in 8pm ET as this MMA cage fight is as real as it gets!