Fusion Recap – August 17, 2018


Low Ki successfully defended the World Heavyweight Championship, perhaps with a little bit of help from Sami Callihan, Friday night on the latest episode of MLW: FUSION. In addition to The Professional’s first title defense, the New Era Hart Foundation shook up the tag team division and the man behind much of Team Filthy’s success was left lying in a pool of blood.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Low Ki (C) defeated John Hennigan

In Friday night’s main event, Low Ki ended up taking out John Hennigan with a switchblade kick to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. But he was helped by Sami Callihan and the Death Machines, who attacked Hennigan backstage just moments prior to Hennigan’s World Championship opportunity.

Weeks ago on MLW: FUSION, we saw Low Ki and Salina de la Renta seem to strike some sort of tenuous business relationship with Callihan. It apparently paid off for the champion this week on MLW: FUSION.

Hennigan came to the ring with a wrap around his ribs after the attack from Callihan. Low Ki worked over the back, ribs and midsection of Hennigan throughout the match. Hennigan was the recipient of a body slam outside the ring on the concrete floor, as well as numerous strikes to the ribs and back. Hennigan had a solid flurry of offense late in the match. He caught Low Ki with a spinning hook kick, which set up an opportunity at a beautiful slide-out, rope-assisted German suplex. Hennigan followed that with a flash kick, but was only able to score a near fall.

Hennigan also scored with a Spanish Fly but didn’t cover the champion. When he went to the top rope looking for Starship Pain and missed, Low Ki had his opening. The Professional hit a very Shane Strickland-esque double stomp off the top rope, which set Hennigan up for the switchblade and the three-count.


Tommy Dreamer Chases Off Death Machines, Havoc
Our own Kaci Lennox broke the news that Sami Callihan had secured the services of Abyss for the Sept. 6 War Games match during an interview with Strickland, Barrington Hughes, Kotto Brazil and John Hennigan. Just moments later, Callihan’s team of Leon Scott, Fulton and Jimmy Havoc attacked.

And Tommy Dreamer, who was backstage, quickly took matters into his own hands. Or, rather, he took a kendo stick into his own hands. He used that kendo stick to hammer on the Death Machines, who beat a hasty retreat. What will this mean for War Games on Sept. 6 in Ft. Lauderdale? What is Tommy Dreamer’s status in MLW? MLW.com will continue to chase down answers to all these questions!


Lawlor Wins Dojo Challenge, Petruzelli Injured
“Filthy” Tom Lawlor challenged the Stud Stable – namely Jake Hager – to a match at the Jungle MMA Gym in Orlando on last week’s show. This week, Col. Robert Parker and his boys accepted the challenge. Well, sort of.

While Lawlor had challenged Hager, it seemed he wanted no part of “Filthy” Tom in his own dojo. So, Col. Parker put Parrow in the matchup with Lawlor inside the octagon at Jungle MMA.

Parrow held his own with the No. 1-ranked wrestler in MLW and the Battle Riot winner. The big man from the Stud Stable landed a big right hand and later had Lawlor down on the mat for some ground and pound action. Parrow showed his impressive strength by lifting Lawlor off the ground and tossing him into the cage.

But Lawlor found an opening. He was able to secure an arm bar on Parrow and locked it in. After just a few moments, with Lawlor threatening to break his arm, Parrow tapped out.


As Parrow was tapping out, the Dirty Blondes had Team Filthy coach and mentor Seth Petruzelli cornered. Meanwhile, Jake Hager locked the door to the cage where Parrow and Lawlor just held their matchup. As Lawlor climbed out of the cage and chased down the Stud Stable, he found the Dirty Blondes standing over Petruzelli, who was lying in a pool of blood.

Petruzelli was taken to a local medical facility. Reports are that he’s stable and expected to make a full recovery. But this has only intensified the feud between Team Filthy and the Stud Stable.


World Tag Team Champions Proclaim Freedom
Last week on MLW: FUSION, we saw Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix tear up what looked to be their Promociones Dorado contracts. This week, the World Tag Team Champion Lucha Bros. confirmed they are no longer with Promociones Dorado and Salina de la Renta.

Appearing with their advisor Konnan, Fenix said “We are free.”

According to Konnan, de la Renta “put my boys under some very exploitative contracts. We ripped them up and they are with Konnan now.”

New Era Hart Foundation defeated Rich Swann/ACH
Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr. are looking to make waves in MLW as the New Era Hart Foundation, along with their young friend Brian Pillman Jr. Smith and Hart made waves in MLW’s tag team division Friday night, scoring a victory over Rich Swann and ACH.

Swann and ACH will be challenging the Lucha Bros. for the World Tag Team Championship next week. But one has to wonder where the Hart Foundation stands in the pecking order after their convincing – if not controversial – victory over Swann and ACH.

The Hart Foundation was in control of the contest early. But ACH was able to lock in a sharpshooter on Teddy Hart. The very same maneuver that won Hart’s uncle Bret numerous matches and titles was broken up when Smith came in and landed a massive kick.

Pillman made his presence felt later in the match. As Swann climbed to the top turnbuckle for a high-risk offensive maneuver, Pillman crotched him with the cane that he’s been seen with ever since he signed with MLW. That sent Swann into the clutches of Hart, who executed an electric chair lung-blower and covered Swann for the 1-2-3.


While Hart and Smith may have put themselves into the title picture in the tag team division, fans are likely wondering what Pillman’s mentor Kevin Sullivan would think of his tactics and his relationship with Hart and Smith.

Next Week
It’s another action-packed show next week on MLW: FUSION, highlighted by a World Tag Team Championship match featuring the team of Swann and ACH challenging the Lucha Bros. In addition, the Team Filthy-Stud Stable rivalry continues. Team Filthy’s Fred Yehi and Simon Gotch will team up to face Col. Parker’s Dirty Blondes in tag team action.

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