The Team Filthy-Stud Stable blood feud and more specifically the “Filthy” Tom Lawlor-Jake Hager situation came to a head Friday night on MLW: FUSION. Lawlor threatened to send Col. Robert Parker’s lead horse to “the glue factory” last week and on Friday night’s show he followed through, taking down Hager in what looks to be the end of the long-running feud between them.

In addition, Team Filthy’s Simon Gotch was once again successful in a “Simon Gotch Prize Fight Challenge.” Meanwhile, the leader of the new era Hart Foundation, Teddy Hart, picked up a victory and also joined his Hart Foundation mates Davey Boy Smith and Brian Pillman Jr. in a vicious attack on Pillman’s mentor Kevin Sullivan. Also on this week’s stacked show, we saw former freinds Jimmy Yuta and Jason Cade throw down, with Cade getting a little help from a new friend to pick up the victory.

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor defeated Jake Hager
The bad blood between Hager and Lawlor was evident throughout this match. Neither man was willing to give an inch in this one. Hager utilized both the Hager Bomb and the ankle lock, two maneuvers he’s used to pick up countless professional wrestling victories. Lawlor had Hager in a rear naked choke and brutalized him in the MLW Crash Zone in this back-and-forth affair.

But at the end of the night, it was a wily veteran move from Lawlor that led to a pinfall victory and seemingly put an end to the months-long feud between the two factions and the two alpha males of those respective groups.

With Hager beating on Lawlor, who was on the ropes, the official administered the five count to Hager to allow Lawlor off the ropes. As the official stepped in between the two fighters, Lawlor saw his opening. Hager charged at him and Lawlor landed a palm strike right to the bridge of Hager’s nose, stunning the Stud Stable member. Seconds later, Lawlor used some solid mat grappling to roll Hager up and secure the pinfall.


Teddy Hart defeated Vandal Ortagun
It was an international affair as the Canadian Teddy Hart took on Turkey’s favorite professional wrestler Vandal Ortagun. Hart attacked Ortagun from behind at the beginning of the match, after inviting Ortagun to play to the crowd on the turnbuckle. He was in control from there on out, stomping Ortagun’s face into the mat and hitting a lung-blower. In between beating up Ortagun, Hart berated the League official assigned to the match, saying he cost him a previous match with a slow count. Just after complaining about a slow count, Hart nearly destroyed Ortagun with a DDT but pulled him off the mat after a two-count. Finally, Hart hit another massive lungblower and this time he actually completed the pinfall.


Hart Foundation Attacks Sullivan
As Teddy Hart, Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr. were recording a promo, when Kevin Sullivan entered the picture. Sullivan has served as a mentor for Pillman since he entered professional wrestling. But he hasn’t been sold on Pillman being with the Hart Foundation. Hart and Smith clearly took offense to Sullivan’s interruption. Eventually, Hart shoved Sullivan and a shouting match ensued. Hart and Smith then beat down Sullivan, bloodying the legendary grappler and manager. When Hart and Smith challenged Pillman to join in, he hit Sullivan over the head with his cane, leaning down over his fallen mentor and saying: “I said I respect you, Kevin. I never said I liked you.” How will Sullivan respond to this shocking turn of events? Stay tuned to MLW: FUSION and MLW.com for more details.


Simon Gotch Prize Fight Challenge
Simon Gotch and Team Filthy have upped the ante. The Simon Gotch Prize Fight Challenge is up from $250 to a whopping $500. Angel Pierce, an undefeated boxer from New York, stepped up to the plate. Once again, all the challenger had to do was last five minutes without being pinned or submitted by Gotch. Pierce didn’t even last one minute, falling to the Gotch Piledriver. Who will be the next to step up and accept the Gotch Prize Fight Challenge? Stay tuned …


Low Ki/Salina Put Konnan On Notice
Salina de la Renta of Promociones Dorado still hasn’t gotten over losing the services of World Tag Team Champions Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix. Her new “business partner” World Heavyweight Champion Low Ki sent a message to his old friend Konnan on behalf of de la Renta on this week’s episode. “You have sown … and now, we will reap,” Low Ki said, ominously. Low Ki and Salina will attempt to put Konnan and the Lucha Bros. in their place Thursday at War Games, as Low Ki will defend his title against Fenix, while de la Renta convinced League officials to sanction a Mexican Massacre match between Pentagon Jr. and LA Park, who will be represented by de la Renta. Don’t miss these two incredible matches!

Jimmy Yuta vs. Jason Cade
The bad blood between former friends and tag team partners continued on this week’s show. Yuta started out like a house afire. As the match wore on, both men had opportunities to not only get the upper hand in their beef, but perhaps move up the Middleweight rankings in the eyes of League officials. Finally, Cade used some some questionable tactics to pick up the victory. Cade pretended to be knocked out, while the official and Yuta were both concerned about his well-being, Cade took advantage of the distraction to allow his new best friend Rhett Giddins to destroy Yuta with a huge lariat. At that time, Cade “miraculously” recovered and covered Yuta for the three-count.


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