Fusion Recap – Sept. 21, 2018


Is Salina de la Renta and trying to rid Major League Wrestling of the Lucha Bros.? It seems as if she can’t manage them in MLW, she’d like to send the World Tag Team Champions elsewhere. Shocking developments involving Promociones Dorado, Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix and Konnan opened this week’s episode of MLW: FUSION.

Lucha Bros. Tear Up More Contracts
With this week’s show emanating from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., it was a homecoming of sorts for Konnan. He brought the Lucha Bros. to the ring, celebrating a return to his home area. But he quickly turned his attention to de la Renta, telling Salina that every time she takes two steps forward, he’s already taken three. Konnan once again made it very clear he believed Penta and Fenix were being taken advantage of when they were under contract with Promociones Dorado.

This, of course, brought Salina to the ring. After stating that the Lucha Bros. did not leave Promociones Dorado, she stated they were granted an “early release.” The impresaria went on have one of her newest protégés Ricky Martinez hand Penta and Fenix what looked to be contracts.

“In their hands, they hold a contract,” de lea Renta said. “A contract that I discussed with Hunter. A contract that will give you English classes, a little bit of rebranding and it will make you huge stars … for them. I’ve been talking to Hunter all week. All you have to do is sign.”

Fenix and Pentagon Jr. conferred briedly, before Fenix said they have an answer for Salina.

That answer included tearing up another set of contracts drawn up by Promociones Dorado.


New Era Hart Foundation defeated The Stud Stable (Dirty Blondes, Parrow) – Hurricane 6-Man Tag
Teddy Hart issued an open challenge to any three grapplers in MLW who wanted to face the New Era Hart Foundation. Col. Robert Parker was quick to respond, bringing his tag team of the Dirty Blondes and his One Man Demolition Machine Parrow the opportunity.

With all six men allowed to be in the ring at once, it was a wild one at times. Hart, Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr. were able to single out Parrow early in the match. While he held his own, delivering a massive chokeslam to Pillman at one point, the numbers caught up to him. After knocking Parrow out of the ring, Hart landed a moonsault on the entire Stud Stable team.

Later in the match, the Stud Stable seemed to have all the momentum. With Hart motionless in the center of the ring, Leo Brien and Michael Patrick were scaling to the top turnbuckle in opposite corners for what was sure to be a devastating double-team maneuver. For some reason, Parrow told them to hold off. He hit a jumping splash on Hart and went for the pinfall. Pillman broke up the pin attempt and it was all downhill from there for the Stud Stable.

Less than a minute later, Smith planted Parrow with running powerslam he calls the Calgary Stampede, which led to the pinfall victory for the Hart Foundation.


Stud Stable Subtraction
Immediately following the loss, Col. Parker, the Dirty Blondes and Parrow were engaged in a heated discussion. Our own Kaci Lennox went to the ring to get more information and Col. Parker made it clear his Stud Stable was going to have one less member moving forward.

“This two-left-feet, lazy buffoon,” Parker shouted, pointing at Parrow. “I’m done with you. You’re fired!”

Leo Brien and Michael Patrick then attacked Parrow and left him laying in the ring.


Havoc, Callihan On Collision Course
Following War Games, Sami Callihan and his Death Machines left a bloody Jimmy Havoc laying in the ring after a brutal attack. Callihan blamed Havoc for the loss after being on the end of an unintended Acid Rainmaker.

“I get that you’re angry,” Havoc said. “But being angry at me feels a bit misdirected. I’m not the one who tapped out. If you’re going to be angry at me, that’s cool. But what you did to me at the end of that match? That’s not going to unpunished.  We’re going to fight, Sami. I like that you’re angry. That plays into my strengths. When you’re angry, you make mistakes. I’m calm about this. I’m looking forward to hurting you.”

Later in the show, Callihan responded.

“You are the reason we lost,” Callihan screamed. “I expected better out of you, Jimmy … garbage wrestler that can’t cut it in the middle of the ring when all the chips are down. You want to challenge me, Jimmy? I don’t have to think about it. I accept. You’re not in my class. You’re not in my league.”

MJF & Aria Blake defeated Joey Ryan & Taya Valkyrie
Maxwell J. Friedman defeated Joey Ryan to win the World Middleweight Championship at Battle Riot. Their rivalry was extended this week on MLW: FUSION in a mixed tag team match. MJF’s new girlfriend Aria Blake was his partner, while Ryan secured the services of the debuting Taya Valkyrie.

Ryan and Valkyrie got the better of it through most of the match, but MJF was able to take advantage of a miscue. Despite his disgust from being on the receiving end of a lollipops from Ryan’s trunks, he kept his wits about him. MJF had the presence of mind to pull Valkyrie into the line of fire as Ryan was lining up a superkick.

Superkicking his own partner and receiving an ill-advised crotch shot from Blake were enough of a distraction for Ryan that he was unable to stop the pinfall attempt by Friedman, who rolled him up for the three-count.


Janela-MJF Feud Continues
Despite picking up a mixed tag team victory over Ryan and Valkyrie, MJF and Aria Blake couldn’t help themselves. They continued to verbally taunt “Bad Boy” Joey Janela. Blake’s ex-boyfriend wanted to hear nothing of it and Janela left Friedman laying on the stage at the War Memorial Auditorium.

What’s next for Janela, MJF and Aria? Stay tuned to MLW: FUSION, MLW.com and our social media channels, as we follow this developing story.


PCO, Brody King Battle to Double DQ
This matchup was a straight-up fight from the beginning. Throughout the contest, both men put their hands on the official, which would normally result in a disqualification, but the official was clearly trying to give these brawlers some leeway.

With both men gouging at each other’s eyes, the official stepped in and tried to separate them. King and PCO simultaneously shoved the official yet again. Apparently, that was one time too many and the contest was ruled a double disqualification.

But the battle wasn’t over. King hit a massive piledriver on PCO following the bell. But PCO was not going to allow the bounty hunter to have the last word. Numerous referees and League officials pulled King off PCO and out of the ring. The French Canadian Frankenstein took advantage, quickly climbing to the top rope and landing a huge moonsault on King and the officials who had just pulled King out of the ring. There was a pile of humanity on the floor of War Memorial Auditorium as FUSION went off the air.


Fury Road Control Center
A huge match has been added to the MLW Fury Road card, set for Oct. 4 in New York City. Former World Heavyweight Champion Shane “Swerve” Strickland will face off with Battle Riot winner and No. 1-ranked MLW Heavyweight “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. This match could have a huge bearing on the World Title picture moving forward.

Fury Road Tickets
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