Callihan, Havoc to Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal

Sami Callihan and Jimmy Havoc have been looking to fight each other for weeks since War Games. The two were scheduled for a match on this week’s episode MLW: FUSION, but instead battled all over the arena all night. We now know the two will face off at MLW: Fury Road Thursday in New York City (click here for tickets).


Callihan’s Ravagers dominated much of the War Games match, but ultimately did not have their hands raised in victory.

Havoc inadvertently nailed Callihan with an Acid Rainmaker near the end of the match (with an assist from Tommy Dreamer). The consequences reverberated after the bell rang for several minutes as Callihan and Havoc argued over “friendly fire” during the closing moments of the War Games bout.


Callihan, the Death Machines and Abyss then stomped the hell out of Havoc following the argument. These two weren’t the best of friends before War Games. Havoc only agreed to join Callihan’s team because War Games was an opportunity to unleash his penchant for violence on five other combatants who were locked in a steel cage and couldn’t escape him.

Both Callihan and Havoc have been blowing up the phones and inboxes of League officials, looking for a match and suggesting all kinds of stipulations. With so many options being thrown at them and knowing Callihan and Havoc were unlikely to find common ground on a stipulation, League officials decided to let fate decide.

Now, Havoc’s violent tendencies and Callihan’s sadistic ways will manifest themselves in a Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal match at Fury Road.

Prior to the matchup on Oct. 4 in New York City’s Melrose Ballroom, a wheel will be spun. Once the wheel stops spinning, the type of battle Havoc and Callihan will engage in later that evening will be revealed.

The potential matches are:

  • Chain Match
  • Body Bag Match
  • Coal Miner’s Glove Match
  • Barbed Wire Match
  • First Blood Match
  • Prince of Darkness Match
  • Spinner’s Choice
  • Death Match
  • Cage Match
  • I Quit Match
  • Dog Collar Match

Callihan posted “I can only hope for Coal Miner’s Glove” on his twitter account. But was able to get exclusive comments from both Callihan and Havoc after learning of League officials’ allowing fate to determine the type of encounter they will have in New York.

“Sure, I’d love a Coal Miner’s Glove Match,” Havoc said in reference to his tweet. “To have that heavy, reinforced glove on my hand every time my fist makes contact with that loser Havoc’s face? But it really doesn’t matter where that wheel stops. I just can’t wait to get my hands on Jimmy Havoc and continue to beat him into oblivion.”

Havoc has a particular space on the wheel he’s fond of as well.

“I’m often billed as the King of the Death Match,” Havoc said. “So, of course that might be preferable to me. But I’m confident, no matter what the stipulation, that I will have my hand raised at the end of the night. The last time we were in the ring together, it was four-on-one. Let’s see how it goes when the numbers are a little more even.”

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