Fusion Recap – Nov. 16, 2018


This week’s episode of MLW FUSION included a bombshell!

Konnan is coming out of retirement in an effort to settle the score with World Heavyweight Champion Low Ki and Salina de la Renta.

In addition to this huge news, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor won a Chicago Street Fight over Sami Callihan and then got done dirty by Team Filthy mate Simon Gotch. Size Matters — Joey Ryan and Swoggle — debuted with a victory over the Dirty Blondes and de la Renta’s Sicario Ricky Martinez picked up a victory.

Konnan Faces Off With Low Ki, Ends Up with World Title Shot
As this week’s show came on the air, Konnan entered the building and was immediately confronted by Low Ki, Salina and Promociones Dorado’s Sicario Ricky Martinez.

“You and I … we handle our disputes like men, especially here in Major League,” Low Ki said. “I’m going to give you a chance to redeem yourself for your past mistakes, by handling this unfortunate incident like men. You and I. One on one. Mano y mano.”

Konnan was having none of it and walked away, until Salina spoke.

“Don’t worry about it,” de la Renta told Low Ki. “We know he’s just an old-ass little bitch.”

“I actually see three bitches,” Konnan replied. “Keep yapping and you just may get what you want.”

After some thought, Konnan decided to do just that. He held an impromptu press conference and accepted the match vs. Low Ki. League officials have determined that match will take place at MLW Zero Hour on Dec. 14 in Miami, Konnan’s hometown.


Chicago Street Fight
“Filthy Tom” Lawlor defeated Sami Callihan
After a vicious attack by Callihan at a Chicago-area press event, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor immediately lobbied League officials for a match where he could get his hands on Callihan. He was granted that wish with a Chicago Street Fight this week.

While Callihan was doing the dirty work of Promociones Dorado and Low Ki, Lawlor wanted retribution from the Death Machine before setting his sights on Low Ki later this winter.

It was a vicious bout with numerous weapons utilized and many high-impact maneuvers delivered. Both men went through hell. In the end, it was Lawlor who slapped on a rear naked choke and added to it by jabbing the handle of Callihan’s baseball bat into Callihan’s face. That forced Callihan to tap out.


But Lawlor’s night wasn’t over …

Gotch Feeds Filthy to Promociones Dorado
Earlier in the evening, Team Filthy teammate Simon Gotch had been promising Lawlor he had press conference set up for him after the match. Instead, he just had a setup set up for him after the match.

Gotch led Lawlor backstage, then locked him in a room with Promociones Dorado’s Low Ki, de la Renta, LA Park, Hijo de LA Park and Martinez. The show went off the air with Gotch smiling deviously as he held the door shut, while one can only assume Lawlor was suffering a beatdown at the hands of Promociones Dorado.

We’ll continue following this developing story on our social media channels and here on MLW.com.


Size Matters defeated Dirty Blondes
Joey Ryan was working with one good arm and his Size Matters tag team partner Swoggle is one-fourth the size of the Dirty Blondes. But it didn’t matter.

While the Dirty Blondes gained the early advantage, Swoggle did just enough damage to get Ryan into the match. Despite one arm in a sling, he was able to pull off Sweet Tooth Music before Swoggle hit a splash off the turnbuckle to secure the victory for the debuting tag team.


Ricky Martinez defeated Dr. Rex Bacchus
Promociones Dorado’s Ricky Martinez started the show off with a rather easy victory over Dr. Rex Bacchus. Martinez finished Bacchus off with a nasty suplex that showed off his strength, followed by a modified piledriver, which also required a great deal of power. One has to believe Martinez could be a contender in the Middleweight division if he wanted to be. Right now, he seems to be more content to beat people up and serve as Salina’s Sicario.

Miami / Never Say Never / Zero Hour Control Center
The first set of matches has already been announced for our Miami double shot in December, in addition to Low Ki vs. Konnan.

Dec. 13 (Never Say Never) – PCO vs. LA Park, MJF vs. Rush
Dec. 14 (Zero Hour) – Kotto Brazil vs. Jason Cade vs. Marko Stunt vs. World Middleweight Champion MJF in a ladder match for the Middleweight title


Next Week
On next week’s MLW FUSION, Trey Miguel and Kotto Brazil hook up in a highly-anticipated middleweight bout. In our main event, Shane “Swerve” Strickland has initiated his rematch clause and will face Low Ki for the World Heavyweight Championship.

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