Fusion Recap – Dec. 7, 2018


The war between Salina de la Renta,World Heavyweight Champion Low Ki, Promociones Dorado and Konnan seems to be reaching a boiling point. And Konnan seems to have had the upper hand this week.

Meanwhile, No. 1-ranked “Filthy” Tom Lawlor continued to try to get his hands on former friend Simon Gotch, while also dealing with Promociones Dorado.

In the ring this week, we saw two huge MLW FUSION debuts, while Teddy Hart picked up an impressive victory over Jason Cade.

Konnan Chases Off Low Ki, Salina
Promociones Dorado was all over the place in this week’s show. First, Salina de la Renta’s personal Sicario Ricky Martinez attacked “Filthy” Tom Lawlor as we came on the air (more on that in a minute). Martinez was then brutalized himself, apparently by Konnan.

The next time we saw Martinez, Konnan led MLW cameras to the backstage area, where they found Martinez lying in a pool of blood. Salina’s Sicario later stumbled into an interview with Low Ki and Salina. With blood pouring from his mouth, his simple message was that Konnan was responsible for his state and that Low Ki should leave the building.

Salina and Low Ki barely got into a waiting car and sped off before Lawlor came running out in an attempt at retribution for the beatdown he suffered at the hands of Promociones Dorado a few weeks ago.

Lawlor (Almost) Catches Gotch
As mentioned above, the show opened with Lawlor being attacked by Martinez. But the only reason he was in that position was because he was trying to track down former Team Filthy mate Gotch.

In a back alley behind the arena, just as he was about to get his hands on Gotch, Lawlor absorbed an attack from Martinez. That scuffle must have been short-lived, however. As Konnan clearly came across Martinez, while Lawlor was obviously looking to try to catch up with Salina, Low Ki and Promociones Dorado.

Rush defeated Sammy Guevara
In Friday night’s main event, the leader of Los Ingobernables Rush made his MLW FUSION debut. Rush was paired with another ultra-talented luchador in Sammy Guevara.

Neither of the two showed a ton of respect for one another. The match turned extremely violent on the outside the ring, with both men scoring major blows. When the action returned the ring, Rush eventually took control. A Rush Driver finally led to the victory for El Toro Blanco.

But Rush wasn’t content with just winning in his MLW television debut. He called out LA Park. El Toro Blanco and The Chairman have had some brutal feuds in Mexico. Now, it seems Rush wants to bring that action to an MLW ring. Stay tuned …

Ace Romero defeated Marko Stunt
In a huge (pun intended) debut, the massive Ace Romero made his first appearance on MLW FUSION. It was quite the juxtaposition, as the 400-pounder faced off with Mr. Fun Size Marko Stunt.

While the much smaller Stunt held his own with an arsenal of kicks, strikes and high-impact maneuvers, in the end the size and power of Acey Baby was just too much. Stunt scored a near fall with a modified avalanche sunset flip. But when Stunt went back to the top turnbuckle, Romero caught him in mid-air and literally planted him in the middle of the ring to score the 1-2-3.

Teddy Hart (with Brian Pillman) defeated Jason Cade
While the Hart Foundation is looking for a shot at the World Tag Team Championships, Teddy Hart has an impending match with one half of the champs, Pentagon Jr. next week in Miami.

While Hart is focused on defeating Pentagon Jr. and keeping the pressure on the Lucha Bros. (Penta and brother Rey Fenix), he was faced with Jason Cade and his Bad Attitude this week on MLW FUSION.

Cade gave a solid accounting of himself and stayed with Hart for a while. But as the match wore on, Hart’s trademark high-flying, high-impact style started to take over. A little interference from Brian Pillman Jr. and his ever-present cane didn’t hurt the Hart Foundation member in the match, either. Hart picked up the pinfall with an avalanche Canadian Destroyer.

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