Fusion Recap – Dec. 21, 2018


“Filthy” Tom Lawlor finally got his hands on the treacherous Team Filthy turncoat Simon Gotch on this week’s episode of MLW FUSION. And it did NOT go well for Gotch.

In addition, Brian Pillman Jr. and his nemesis Tommy Dreamer continued their feud in a tag team battle where the Hart Foundation ended up with the upper hand thanks to a low blow. With the World Middleweight Championship being grabbed by Teddy Hart last week, Hijo de LA Park and Dezmond Xavier picked up a pair of victories in the middleweight division, looking to impress league officials.

No Ropes, No Holds Barred
“Filthy” Tom Lawlor defeated Simon Gotch
With no ropes and no holds barred, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor finally got his revenge against former friend and teammate Simon Gotch. The only way to win this battle was by knockout or submission.

With no ropes on the ring, this matchup was going to be a straight-up fight, as the World Heavyweight Champion Low Ki joined our own Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini on color commentary.

Gotch got plenty of offense in during this one, landing a number of thunderous kicks and strikes. But Lawlor continued to fight back, showing the heart, determination and resilience that has made him the No. 1-ranked wrestler in Major League Wrestling for nearly six months.

It just took one opening for Lawlor to grab the victory. As the two grappled on the mat, Gotch lost track of Lawlor’s ring location. The MMA fighter was positioned perfectly for a rear naked choke and slapped it on. Gotch had no chance to break the hold. Lawlor put his former friend to sleep and picked up the victory.


Lawlor, Low Ki War of Words
Following his victory over Gotch, Lawlor set his sights squarely on the World Heavyweight Champion. Lawlor is set for a World Championship match at MLW SuperFIght, thanks to the championship contract he won at BattleRiot.

Lawlor told Low Ki he’d show him “a real professional fighter” in Philadelphia. “Because you’re looking at the new MLW World Champion.”

Low Ki simply stated the belt was going nowhere, telling Lawlor to enjoy his victory over Gotch, “because it will be your last.”


Of course, Low Ki has to survive a no disqualification matchup for that very title next week on MLW FUSION against Konnan.

Salina, Konnan Square Off
This week’s show opened with Salina de la Renta in the ring, along with her everpresent Sicario Ricky Martinez. Salina dissed Miami and Konnan right there in his hometown. But the legendary luchadore wouldn’t sit in the back and listen for long. Konnan, who will soon face off with Low Ki for the World Heavyweight Championship, had a few words of his own for de la Renta and Promociones Dorado.

“That little mental midget, Low Ki … I’m already in his head,” Konnan said. “I’m going to take that title from Low Ki right  here in mi ciudad and I’m going to become the MLW World Champion.”

With that, Konnan dropped the mic and headed to the back.


The Hart Foundation (Pillman & Smith) defeated Hughes, Dreamer
In impromptu tag team match served as our opening bout on this week’s show. Brian Pillman Jr. and Davey Boy Smith Jr. were in the ring making fun of Barrington Hughes. Tommy Dreamer, who has had enough of Pillman and the Hart Foundation’s disrespectful attitude, immediately came to the ring and offered to team up with Hughes against the two second-generation stars.

The match was quickly made by League officials.

Hughes had the upper hand in the early going as both Smith and Pillman had no answers for the Caramel Colossus. Pillman attempted to use his ever-present cane on Hughes, but the big man caught it with his left arm and his side and clocked Pillman to boot. But the cane stayed in the ring and came into play a few moments later.

With Dreamer tagged in, the Innovator of Violence attempted to piledrive Pillman on his own cane. But Pillman slipped away, grabbed the cane and crotched Dreamer with it. A quick rollup and a three-count lifted the Hart Foundation duo over Dreamer and Hughes.


Hijo de LA Park defeated DJZ
In an important middleweight matchup for two relative newcomers to MLW, Hijo de LA Park and DJZ were looking to put themselves in line for a shot at Teddy Hart’s newly-won World Middleweight Championship.

While middleweights can often be seen as high-flying technical wrestlers, this one devolved outside the ring early, thanks to Hijo. The son of LA Park used virtually everything he could find outside the ring to hit DJZ with crotch shot after crotch shot, slowing his opponent greatly.

DJZ finally turned the tables with an incredible springboard hurricanrana from the corner. But the impresaria of Promociones Dorado interjected herself into the match. She distracted DJZ just long enough for Hijo de LA Park to recover. When DJZ turned his attention back to Hijo, he got caught and the young sinister skeleton delivered a vicious piledriver to pick up the victory.


Dezmond Xavier defeated Andrew Everett
In yet another important matchup between two relative newcomers to the middleweight division, Dezmond Xavier and Andrew Everett absolutely let it all hang out in an incredibly athletic, entertaining and back-and-forth affair.

Everett completed an incredible combo with a two-footed Pele kick, followed by a spike-rana that almost assuredly would have led to a pinfall. But Xavier was just a bit too close to the ropes and got his foot on the bottom rope at the last second.

Xavier then found a second wind. He eventually ascended to the top turnubuckle and landed a massive corkscrew senton to the midsection of Everett. While Everett gasped for oxygen, Xavier made the cover and scored the victory.


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