Kotto Brazil hospitalized following nightclub altercation

Late last night there was an altercation involving Kotto Brazil at a Miami Nightclub where he was assaulted by an unknown perpetrator.

Onlookers at the club describe a scene where a man confronted Brazil with heated words exchanged between the two. Moments later, eyewitnesses claim the assailant used a champagne glass as an improvised weapon, smashing the flute into the face of Brazil. The unknown assailant fled the scene before the police arrived.

Kotto was rushed to a local area hospital where he underwent extensive eye surgery this morning. Brazil is currently resting as he recovers from the first of what may be multiple procedures.

Brazil suffered extensive damage to his eye including the retina, optic disc and conjuntiva area. The belief is that the glassware exploded upon impact creating debris that got impacted in and around the eye.

MLW’s medical team is in contact with Brazil’s doctors. It is unclear if Brazil will need to have enucleation (a procedure where the eye is removed).

An investigation is on-going and MLW wishes Brazil a speedy recovery.