Ricky Martinez eyed in Kotto Brazil club assault


Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a lone man assaulted Kotto Brazil at a Miami Nightclub. A source claims footage that has yet to be legally cleared to air shows Ricky Martinez in a nightclub brawl where Martinez bumped into Brazil and then exchanged words before smashing a champagne flute glass in the orbital area of Kotto Brazil.

Footage shows Martinez reportedly punching Kotto in the head on the dance floor. Martinez soon thereafter fled the scene before police arrived.

Kotto was rushed to a local area hospital where he underwent extensive eye surgery. Brazil has undergone 4 procedures with 1-2 additional operations likely as doctors look to save his eye.

Brazil suffered extensive damage to his eye including the retina, optic disc and conjuntiva area. The belief is that the glassware exploded upon impact creating debris that got impacted in and around the eye.

As Martinez attempted to leave the nightclub, security tried to detain Martinez until authorities arrived. Unfortunately once again turned violent with Martinez injuring two men. We can confirm one of the security guards seen in the footage were treated in hospital. A 23-year-old is said to have fractured his skull, while a 20-year-old received head and facial injuries.

The league is likely to come down hard on Martinez if the footage confirms Martinez as the assailant. A source in the wrestling operations offices stated, “any and all options are on the table.” Will Martinez be fined? Suspended? Fired? We may find out soon.

Reports out of Puerto Rico indicate Salina de la Renta and her team of lawyers at Promociones Dorado are reportedly using their clout and legal threats to keep Martinez from even being interviewed by investigators from the Miami PD as well as the league.

MLW’s medical team is in contact with Brazil’s doctors. It remains unclear if Brazil will need to have enucleation (a procedure where the eye is removed).  

An investigation is on-going and MLW wishes Brazil a speedy recovery.

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