Fusion Recap – May 11, 2019


The National Openweight Championship semifinals began. CONTRA Unit continued to roll through the MLW locker room. A 19-year-old rookie scored a major upset. And that’s not all. It was a busy night on FUSION.

National Openweight Championship Tournament Semifinal
Alexander Hammerstone defeated Gringo Loco

On a night when a 19-year-old rookie defeated one of the top wrestlers in the world, perhaps the bigger upset came at the beginning of our main event. Alexander Hammerstone actually sent his Dynasty buddies MJF and Richard Holliday back to the locker room before the match began. For the last few months, if a Dynasty member was in action, at least one or both of the others were at ringside, often interfering in the match.

Gringo Loco was able to utilize his unorthodox style to confuse Hammerstone at times during the match. At one point, Loco took the larger man off his feet with kicks to the shins before landing a standing moonsault. But in the end, the power of Hammerstone was simply too much.

Loco likes to fly and it may have cost him. Hammerstone caught him on the top turnbuckle before he could launch an attack. It ended in a Hammerstone superplex, which led to the Nightmare Pendulum. Hammerstone’s devastating finishing maneuver punched his ticket to the National Openweight Championship Final June in in Milwaukee at Fury Road.

Jacob Fatu defeated Barrington Hughes

Barrington Hughes was MLW’s immovable object. The 469-pound Caramel Colossus was undefeated in MLW for more than a year. But that was before Hughes ran into CONTRA Unit’s Jacob Fatu.

Hughes demanded a match with CONTRA after they brutalized fellow superheavyweight Ace Romero. He may be regretting that decision now. Fatu withstood an early onslaught from Hughes, then landed a kick to the head, staggering the big man.

That gave Fatu time to utilize his quickness and agility to hit this maneuver and score the victory over the previously-undefeated Hughes.

Air Wolf defeated Rey Fenix

Nineteen-year-old rookie sensation Air Wolf has become quite a fan favorite in his short time in MLW. He may have gained a new fan in one half of the Lucha Bros — Rey Fenix.

Air Wolf and Fenix squared off and while Air Wolf took a beating from Fenix, he managed to avoid being pinned by the veteran luchadore. Air Wolf had his moments throughout the match, including a pair of German suplexes that were absolute beauties. But it was Fenix who did most of the damage.

However, twice Fenix went for a muscle buster and twice Air Wolf countered. The second of those counters ended in a roll-up in the center of the ring and a three-count. Following the match, in a show of respect, Fenix shook the youngster’s hand and raised his arm in victory before departing the ring.

Austin Aries is Coming to MLW

We don’t have many details. But the graphic below aired during FUSION this week. Stay tuned to MLW.com and our MLW social media channels. We’ll update you on this news as soon as we have any more information.

Salina Still Steaming; Callihan/Warner vs. Promociones Dorado Signed

Last week’s FUSION was run by Promociones Dorado’s Salina de la Renta, who served as Executive Producer of the show. Most everything went well for de la Renta, with the exception of Mance Warner and Sami Callihan causing a little chaos.

Callihan and Warner had been locked out of the building by Salina. But both found their way in. Callihan took advantage by roughing up Salina’s sicario Ricky Martinez. Ol’ Mancer was a bit more creative. He hid inside a “gift from Promociones Dorado’s sponsors.” When Salina and LA Park opened the gift, Mancer gave the gift of some Southern Psycho to LA Park.

This week, Salina challenged the Death Machine and the Southern Psycho to a tag team match, which they readily accepted. Hijo de LA Park and Martinez will face Callihan and Warner next week.

And it looks like Callihan and Warner are forging a friendship. Ol’ Mancer was headed to look for some light beers. But his new buddy Callihan was one step ahead of him.

Ariel Dominguez defeated Bryan Idol

The smallest wrestler on the MLW roster picked up a victory over the debuting Bryan Idol. Ariel Dominguez utilized his stellar amateur wrestling background and some real perseverance to score the victory. When Idol could use the size advantage, he was able to tally a number of near falls. But Dominguez showed a ton of heart, kicking out of many pinfall attempts before scoring the win with a satellite DDT/small package combo.

Second Semifinal Next Week

Alexander Hammerstone will find out his National Openweight Championship Finals opponent on next week’s show. Brian Pillman Jr. and Rich Swann will square off in the second semifinal of the National Openweight Championship tournament on FUSION next week.

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