Kotto Brazil wants El Sicario


Middleweight Kotto Brazil has been asking for a rematch with Ricky “El Sicario” Martinez.  

Martinez, who permanently injured Kotto’s eye, has been a thorn in the side of the “Haitian Sensation” since December when the two were battling it out in the rankings hoping for a title shot.  

Things escalated with the two getting into a confrontation at a Miami nightclub resulting in Kotto getting hit in the eye with a champagne flute which exploded, leaving fragments of glass in Kotto’s eye.  

Since then, Kotto has undergone several operations on his eye which left him with virtually no vision.

The “Haitian Sensation” last grappled with Martinez in Philadelphia at SuperFight in February.  The match was marred with outside interference from Salina de la Renta who sprayed a foreign substance into Kotto’s eye, blinding his good eye and resulting in Martinez getting a controversial win over MLW’s favorite underdog.

Recently, Martinez and the Empresaria disrupted Kotto’s match against newcomer Jordan Oliver, resulting in Oliver getting the win.  

Now Kotto demands getting Martinez in the ring once again.  Will he get his wish? Matchmakers are evaluating the request but no timeline for a decision is set. 

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