CONTRA spotted in Asia

The shadowy group identifying itself as CONTRA Unit has been spotted in Singapore and South Korea among other corners of the continent. What are the global dealers in violence doing abroad? No one seems to know… and that’s what has the league on edge.

There are sightings are plentiful. mysterious business meetings in Pulau Ujong, a spotting of the trio socializing at pit fights in the slums of Shanghai while fraternizing with feared men in the criminal underworld of Bangladesh only to be spotted in Japan just yesterday.

Promoting the “rise of CONTRA” around the world, Josef Samael, Simon Gotch and the new undisputed World Heavyweight Champion have effectively hijacked MLW by possessing the most coveted championship in Major League Wrestling.

An international organization cloaked in mystery driven to gain power, CONTRA Unit reportedly has soldiers around the world.

Will the rise of CONTRA continue to go global as the invaders attempt to conquer and control MLW? Only time will tell but with the likes of the Von Erichs there is a new hope for the future.

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