FUSION RECAP: All Hell Breaks Loose Between CONTRA & The Von Erichs


This week’s episode of Fusion was not for the faint of heart as the show had two extreme stipulations sit at the table in hopes of settling some scores. Let’s just say that table got split right down the middle and there are plenty of splinters left to pick out of its victims.

We see Salina de la Renta in the ring as she states that Mance Warner is the recipient of “idiot’s luck,” but that luck has run out for the Southern Psycho. She has summoned Bestia 666 in hopes of regaining the Golden Ticket, which is part of the stipulation if Mance Warner loses.

Bestia 666 defeated Mance Warner in a Mexican Deathmatch

Bestia emerges at Salina’s command for Mexican deathmatch destruction. Mance came out ready to answer the challenge, but not before taking a swig of that light beer.

Bestia however, caught Mancer off-guard with a suicide dive and the two began brawling on the outside. Bestia then presented a kendo stick, which doesn’t take long to disintegrate under the violent use of both Mance and Bestia.

Mance introduced multiple chairs and a board into the mix; soon to follow suit were a select few thumbtacks. Bestia reacquainted Mancer’s forehead quickly with said tacks and that put the brutality all in the demon’s court.

Leave it to Ol’ Mancer to show his hardcore caginess as it wasn’t long before he speared Bestia through the board in the corner. “It’s not sport anymore” appropriately quipped Cornette as a bloody Mance kneed Bestia in the head for a very close two count.

Salina eventually slithered into the equation as she slipped an unknown powdered substance to Bestia who threw it in the face of Warner. This gave the Tijuana Gremlin just enough opportunity to deliver a muscle buster onto two chairs for the unsavory 1-2-3.

Kaci Lennox did some investigative journalism earlier this week as she captured footage of new MLW correspondent Georgia Smith seemingly getting super close with Dynasty’s Alex Hammerstone. Lennox followed up on the investigation by confronting Hammerstone who let Richard Holliday and Aria Blake do all the talking regarding his potential relationship. The response was pretty simple: “No comment.”

Low Ki defeated Ricky Martinez

Konnan joined Cornette and Bocchini on commentary who had a savvy mindset when asked about Salina’s “dirt” on him: “If she wants to play mind games, she came to the right place,” said the wrestling legend.

The Lone Wolf of Brooklyn shared a stare with Konnan as he made his way to the ring to face Martinez in a rematch. The Sicario soon took advantage as he slung his jacket in the face of Low Ki to start the match off.

The action on the outside soon distracted Martinez. Salina shouted commands at him and the two exchanged words before the Impresia becomes preoccupied with her phone under Konnan’s possession. The veteran awareness of Low Ki kicked in as he locked in a dragon sleeper on Martinez. The submission lived up to it’s name and rocked Ricky to sleep for the KO finish. Salina showed her disgust by quickly dismissing her fallen sicario and appeared to proposition Low Ki for another business partnership. Low Ki pulled a fast one on Salina by acting interested, but then gave her one ice cold shoulder of disregard.

In what may be the shocker of the show, Kotto Brazil unleashed his unhappiness with MLW officiating as he showed his like-mindedness with both Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver. The three think the officials have been unfair in their ways of match calling and want to seek justice for themselves.

We get to see Tom Lawlor for the first time as the former champ is as fired up as a caged lion ready to feast. “He stole what I worked twenty years for,” Lawlor stated regarding Jacob Fatu’s win at Kings Of Colosseum and he made clear that he isn’t wasting anymore time, He’s ready to go to war with the World Champion in New York City, but that’s not all Lawlor wanted from Fatu, however. He aims to have the champ in the War Chamber when MLW makes it’s way to Dallas!

Kaci Lennox caught up with Davey Boy Smith and Teddy Hart to show the Hart Foundation the footage she filmed of Georgia with Hammerstone. That caused a blindsided and miffed Davey Boy to abruptly leave the scene

The Von Erichs defeat CONTRA Unit in an unsanctioned bout

The Von Erichs immediately jumped into the match by cinching in stereo Claws onto the foreheads of Josef Samael and Simon Gotch. CONTRA quickly managed to escape as the action took place both inside and outside of the ring.

CONTRA eventually set their sights on Marshall, but Ross came in for the save. The Von Erich brothers echoed Cornette’s sentiments that they are “stiff as crowbars” as they began to lay into CONTRA with some crisp punches and elbows before finishing the flurry with a picture perfect drop kick (also in stereo). Soon after, Marshall climbed up top to deliver one beauty of a moonsault before Samael slid in to make the much-needed save.

Gotch attempted to bring a chair into the unsanctioned equation and it led to quite literal backfire. Ross booted the chair into Gotch’s face and got in the ring to look out for his brother. It’s a good thing he did as Samael unleashed a fireball in Marshall’s direction, but Ross shielded his brother from being burned and used the cold hard steel to smack Samael down. Marshall made the cover and got the win.

The bell didn’t stop the powder keg of pugilism from exploding though. The two sides continued to brawl in Cicero Stadium so much that MLW officials had to bring in a riot squad to control the chaos as the melee continued to the backstage area. Cameras caught World Champion Jacob Fatu attacking the riot officers before beginning an attempted assault on the Von Erichs. Thankfully, we see Tom Lawlor come in to even the playing field before the feed gets cut, meaning there will be plenty to piece together as MLW makes it’s way to New York City!

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