FUSION RECAP: Hammerstone Squares Up Against Savio Vega


Queens, New York was rocking tonight as we had Alexander Hammerstone defend his National Openweight Championship against Puerto Rican wrestling legend and current Caribbean Champion, Savio Vega, in the main event of this week’s Fusion.

Bestia 666 defeated Rey Horus

“The Bruja” of MLW, Salina de la Renta accompanied her newly acquired devil in Bestia 666 and you better believe the Tijuana Gremlin was ready to conjure up some pain against Rey Horus.

The two started off with a chess match of luchadorism that Rey Horus ended up taking the direction of the rook to land straight on Bestia with a suicide dive. Schiavone gave a good factoid that Horus has won his matches 90% of the time with aerial attack moves so he started off on the right note. The action gets slowed down util Horus goes once more over the top with a flying senton.

Horus got the crowd behind him as the action carried back into the ring, and Horus landed an unexpected Spanish Fly for a near fall.

Horus continued to be impressive even reversing a reversal to toss Bestia off the top rope with a modified arm drag. Bestia however eventually used the corner to his advantage and crotched Horus on the turnbuckle to deliver his patented muscle buster for the opportunistic 1-2-3.

Salina took to the ring post-match to address the thorn in her side, Konnan. “I think you would be more of a man and less of a bitch, so please, give me my phone,” she demanded. That got the legend out real quick and Konnan came with some ammo, including her swiped iPhone. Konnan heard word that she’s signing a legend of her own in Savio Vega. Well with the help of Salina’s “Weapon of Mass Destruction,” Vega got word that he was supposed to receive an added bonus with his signing, which Salina somehow didn’t make him aware of. Savio then strolled out with contract in hand to tear it up in front of de la Renta’s retinas as Bocchini appropriately stated, “That going to cost Salina a payday!”

In the latest episode of “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Dynastic,” The Dynasty fellas are admiring the view from their NYC penthouse as MJF chugged on in with a”gift train” for Alex Hammerstone and Richard Holliday. MJF looked to add to The Dynasty’s recent run with gold by bestowing his buddies with some gold Rolexes. This got Hammerstone a bit emotional as the three shared in an “all-welcoming” group hug, but not before they trashed Teddy Hart’s recent wellness policy failure.

We get to see some H2 Television as The Hart Foundation take a moment to fire back at The Dynasty and that “kiss ass” MJF in which Teddy Hart’s cats happen to be putting on a physical display of.

“CONTRA’s rising up in all corners of the world,” stated World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu as CONTRA yet again interrupted the Fusion feed. No truer words could’ve be spoken as the trio of rogues turned to a foursome. They announce the addition of one it’s members from their Asian post and it’s the identity of the man who blinded Marshall Von Erich last week on Fusion: Ikuro Kwon.

Ross Von Erich gave us an update on his brother Marshall’s status and it’s blood boiling to say the least. He’s back in Hawaii to hear from an eye specialist and is still expecting the birth of his baby, still having trouble seeing. Tom Lawlor stated his and and Ross’ intentions perfectly: “You guys wanna take an eye for an eye? That’s not enough. Cause we are going to war!”

There’s an exciting partnership set to take place with MLW as The Crash Lucha Libre out of Tijuana will pair up to bring some added action to both companies. This alliance will include talent exchange and collaboration on content, which means plenty of thrilling match-ups to look forward to in the future!

Kaci Lennox got a chance to follow up with Mance Warner and asked him directly if he was looking to end his blood feud with Promociones Dorado. Well, Ol’ Mancer played a little Pictionary with Lennox to show he was far from finished. As Kaci drew some trees via Mance’s direction, he brought in a legit chainsaw to signify that he’s more than ready to mow each and every member down to their roots.

CONTRA Unit (Josef Samael & Simon Gotch) defeated Ariel Dominguez & Jay Sky

It was swift business for CONTRA as Josef Samael locked in a quick camel clutch to get the submission victory, but leave it to these unruly rebels to take it a step further. The despicable Samael diabolically pulled out his railroad spike to wrench in the mouth of a fallen Dominguez. It was nauseating to witness and it’s unsettling to think what CONTRA has planned for Lawlor, Ross Von Erich and whoever may join them during War Chamber in Dallas.

Alex Hammerstone defeated Savio Vega to retain the Openweight National Championship

Of course, Hammerstone swaggered out with MJF and Holliday in tow for the big bout against the Caribbean Heavyweight Champion, Savio Vega. Nobody, not even fear, was by Vega’s side as he stared down the Openweight Champ and his cronies. Hammerstone first displayed his power by tossing Vega off two consecutive times, but Vega outwitted the champ and turned it into some very strong strikes.

Hammerstone finally got an opportunity to recuperate after eluding Vega in the corner. He begqn using his foot in the corner to choke Savio which caused referee Doug Markham to admonish the Champ, but while doing that he missed Holliday strangling Savio off the bottom rope. Hammerstone fed into that turning of the tides with one harsh powerslam on Savio.

It’s all Alexander after this as the match continues, but all it took was a simple side step from Vega for his opponent to miss a missile dropkick.

Like clockwork, The Dynasty used their strengths in numbers to thwart a fair fight as when Savio gained control, Holliday hopped on the apron to distract Markham and MJF took the padding off the top turnbucke of the very corner Hammerstone just choked Savio in. Hammer crashed Vega into the corner and hit his Nightmare Pendulum so fierce that it buckled Vega’s legs for the underhanded win.

Brian Pillman Jr. showed up to steal Hammerstone’s jacket which got the Openweight Champion on the chase as Savio is helped to the back by officials.

Tainted or not, Dynasty sure has strung together some pearls of victory, but what are The Hart Foundation exactly up to? Mind games are certainly part of the equation and you better believe it worked with Hammerstone tonight.

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