CONTRA In Control: What Does It Mean For MLW In 2020?

“Hail CONTRA” has been a phrase shouted by CONTRA Unit soldiers since the international cabal  first struck Major League Wrestling back in February of 2019, but it provides more of a sinister chill down the spine of the league as we travel forth in 2020. Violent, sudden and dangerous, many […]

Salina de la Renta Rocks MLW In Return

Salina de la Renta is back in MLW. No one knows of her plans, but her list of accomplishments in the league are already legendary At only the age of 23, Salina has exuded versatility and a level of dominance in a business swarming with sharks both in and out […]

The Rise Of MLW’s First Renegade: CM Punk

“Take a look at this face because if you don’t know now, you should. My name is CM Punk and what I am is straight edge and simply put, what that means is I’m drug free, I’m alcohol free and that means I’m better than each and every single one […]


According to Psycho Clown, the best psychopath in wrestling is none other than himself and he plans to show that to Los Parks in the main event of the AAA MLW Super Series. It’s stage five of the Super Series and trios action will be a deciding factor in the […]