Mance Warner hospitalized; will Havoc face league sanctions?

Mance Warner was hospitalized this past weekend suffering a punctured lung and lacerations.

The injures are attributed to Jimmy Havoc’s post Bunkhouse match assault on Mancer.

The Bucksnort Brawler has been placed on the injured reserved list with a 4-6 week time table for a return pending Dr. Sweglar.

Just prior to Jimmy Havoc’s heinous post match attack on Mance Warner, he had just closed a deal to do a TV project with the league.

What could it be?

If sources are to be believed it could be revealed this week on FUSION.

With Havoc in bed with the league on this project, officials are in an awkward position as to how to discipline Havoc for the Warner incident.

This is one story to keep a close eye on.

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