SUPERFIGHT RECAP: LA Park Faces World Champ Fatu In A Battle Between Monsters


Leo Brien defeated Savio Vega

Leo Brien is the first to enter and he has cowbell in tow. Savio Vega comes out to a big pop from the Cicero crowd. Savio has some friends of his own in kendo sticks. Outlaw delivers some trash talk and the two exchange hard slaps. Savio dropkicks Brien down and Leo leaves the ring. Action goes back into the ring and the former bounty hunter chokes Savio in the corner before delivering a vertical suplex. Two count.

Savio hits a cross body but Leo hits a big boot to knock him down. Brien slugs away at Savio’s skull before going for a pin attempt.

Leo eventually hits a brute force spear and then climbs up for an elbow drop, but misses. Savio goes on the attack and fires away in the corner. He shoves referee Frank Gastineau not once, but twice and Brien takes a moment to smash Savio over the head with his cowbell. He hits an elbow drop for good measure and gets the win. Brien continues on the attack post match but he wields two kendo sticks to chase the man from Diablo Canyon off.

Gino Medina defeated Air Wolf

The young athlete from Minneapolis is the first to come out. Then we see the debuting “El Intocable” Gino Medina, who was trained by the great Booker T.

Medina comes out confident as ever and Air Wolf chants break out. The two show off their athleticism. Medina delivers a pie-face to Air Wolf but he makes him pay with a head scissors. Picture perfect dropkick by Air Wolf. Medina hits a crisp enziguri and stays on the attack before flashing a demeaning sign to Chi-town..

Air Wolf finds his momentum and exclamation points it with a snap German suplex. Medina hits a kick to the side of the head of Air Wolf, but he snaps Medina down with a kick of his own.

Medina, however, finds the right moment to drop Air Wolf down with heel stump roller for the 1-2-3 for the victory in his highly anticipated debut.

We see Richard Hollidy and MJF. MJF wanted to give his tag partner something and the “gift train” begins chugging up. It’s Holliday’s own pair of Burberry shades.

Injustice is caught in Cicero Stadium wielding signs as we get ready for the next bout.

El Hijo de LA Park defeated Zenshi

Salina de la Renta saunters out with El Hijo de LA Park but out comes Zenshi who immediately seeks justice of his own on El Hijo, who doesn’t forget about the unsavory attack executed by the son of LA Park. Salina levels the playing field by tripping up Zenshi and it gives El Hijo the chance to wield a chair. He goes for a cover but only gets a one-count on the Chilean upstart. El Hijo stays in control as the feed gets briefly gets interrupted by CONTRA. Zenshi finds a window to hit a neckbreaker for a two count and goes to springboard once more, but Salina strikes again on the apron. That doesn’t stop Zenshi whose does a modified springboard senton using the ropes to his momentum.

El Hijo gets a near fall and gets another close call to after hitting a Code Red. The two foes find themselves on the top rope and El Hijo delivers one wild Spanish Fly. Zenshi still had the wherewithal to deliver a kick to El Hijo and then leaped from the completely opposite corner with a dropkick to the inner thigh. El Hijo however, drop Zenshi down with his modified back piledriver for the win.

Salina de la Renta grabs hold of the mic to say a few things to CONTRA Unit and the masses at Cicero Stadium:

“Tonight LA Park is going to win the World Heavyweight Championship.”

“CONTRA Unit, be ready to kiss my Puerto Rican ring and bow down to LA Park.”

Out comes Simon Gotch, Ikuro Kwan and Josef Samael. Agents come out to stop their progress and both her and El Hijo wisely exit the ring.

CONTRA Unit defeated The Spirit Squad and Douglas James & Dominic Garrini in a three way tag match.

As the two ready for their match, Gotch obliterates a chair and may have something in mind. The mood changes a bit as the Spirit Squad make their way to the squared circle and out comes the fight afficiandos Douglas James and Dominic Garrini. The bell rings and it’s James and Kenny Doane squaring off. Doane knocks down James and takes a moment to celebrate but James makes him pay with a head scissors takeover. Doane soon tags in Kwon but James takes him down with a swift dropkick.

Chaos takes place before Garrini locks Mike Mondo in a cross armbreaker. Doane makes his presence known and slams Dominic down. Spirit Squad gang up on Garrini. Mondo plants him on his head for a near fall. Gotch gets his chance on Dominic, but Garrini finds his footing and suplexes Simon away.

He makes the tag to Doane and his partner James shows his quickness to gain an upper hand on both Doane and Kwon. Garrini locks in another armbreaker on Doane and as this is going on, Kwon mists the eyes of Mondo and CONTRA get the pinfall.


Now Chicago fires off with the official start off with MLW’s first ever PPV, Saturday Night SuperFight and we’re graced with the presence of the MLW Tag Team Champions, The Dynasty. Get ready for some rough weather to start SuperFight off as they’ll be defending the belts against The Von Erichs in Texas Tornado tag action with the belts on the line.

The Von Erichs defeated The Dynasty to win the MLW World Tag Team Championships

The Von Erichs don’t waste anytime attacking as they deliver stereo dropkicks to Holliday and MJF.

MJF sends Marshall into the barricade and the two gang up on Ross. In a twisted tactic, Holliday holds up Marshall as MJF smashes the ring bell into his skull before Holliday hits Marshall with a Market Crash on the apron.

The two set their sights on Ross (with plenty of gloating in between).

The two deliver a double suplex from the apron for a near fall. The Dynasty wrench both arms of Ross, but Ross collides the two. Holliday and MJF regain control and quickly hit a double elbow drop. The two go for the “Super Dynastic Move” but in comes Marshall to double clothesline the trust fund team down. He and Ross hit stereo corner cannonballs.

The brothers elbow and splash Holliday in the corner and the crowd is fully behind Ross and Marshall.

Marshall goes for what looks like a moonsault but MJF stops it. Ross locks The Claw in but MJF uses the ring rope to snap himself free. The Dynasty get a near fall on Ross after top rope moves, but Marshall saves it with his previously planned moonsault. The brothers toss Holliday out of the ring and make MJF feel it with their Claw Back Suplex for the victory and the title change! The Von Erichs have won the MLW Tag Team Titles!

H2 TV shows Brian Pillman getting ready for Low Ki. Davey Boy reflects on when Pillman’s famous papa trained up at the Hart Dungeon. “Your dad was warrior,” says Davey Boy and he believes the same of Pillman Jr. He tells him to keep his focus on Low Ki and the two embrace.

Up next is some trios action as Injustice face off against Gringo Loco, Puma King and Septimo Dragon.

Injustice defeated Gringo Loco, Puma King and Septimo Dragon

The crowd is all about the hometown Gringo Loco but Injustice can’t help steal the spotlight as the ref checks them for foreign objects. It’s not long before Septimo shows off his speed and agility against Myron Reed. Puma King takes it to Kotto Brazil with a pop-up superkick before delivering one hell of a double team on Brazil. Gringo Loco’s team is well in control as they take to the skies to further their fight on Injustice. Reed tries to beg off Puma as all three members of the team take their chops at Reed’s chest protector. This gives an opportunity for Injustice to take control.
The three begin to attack Gringo Loco with a healthy amount of dropkicks.

Loco however, catches Oliver in the sky with a sit-out powerbomb.

Injustice tries to send Loco’s partners into him but the tide all turns on Reed. Loco soon hits a split-legged moonsault on Myron for a very near fall. Myron hits Loco with a stunner and then tries to go for a cutter as insurance, but Loco hits him with a Tombstone Piledriver for another close call.

Injustice soon show their mat meddle. They clear the ring with the help of one another (including Reed “Flaming On” with a cutter onto the outside!)

All this gives Myron Reed the opportunity to hit a vaulting 450 splash for the very impressive win.

It’s time for the Middleweight Title. The first to enter is the challenger, Austin Aries and next is the heavily concerned about Teddy Hart. He has Mr. Velvet with him, but the ever-aggressive Aries gets sick of the pomp and circumstance and suicide dives onto Hart before the Champion is even ready. 

Teddy Hart defeated Austin Aries to retain the MLW Middleweight Championship

Aries continues to attack on the outside before he sends Hart into the ring to deliver a top missile dropkick for two. Aries goes for the top rope ascent once more, but Hart heaves him off. Hart is hobbled but still shows the gumption to give it to Aries who tries to beg the Middleweight Champion off. Hart hits one pretty Arabian press, but doesn’t even get Teddy two.

Hart is still struggling with his own well-being and Aries smells the blood in the water. At the right moment, Aries DVDs Hart onto the apron and then continues his assault onto the MLW original.

Aries soon locks in the Last Chancery Aries goes for the brainbuster, but Hart halts the progress. Hart’s neck is becoming a concern, but he hits a Lungblower to bide him time.

Aries sends Teddy tumbling down with a discus elbow. Aries trash talks Teddy in the corner, but Teddy makes him pay with a powerbomb. Hart then hits a modified DDT onto Aries. Teddy almost gets the win if it weren’t for a well-placed boot by Aries on the ropes.

Teddy takes Austin to the top rope but Austin boxes his ears and flip powerbombs Teddy down before A Double locks in another Last Chancery. It looks all but over for Teddy, but he finds the fortitude to just make it to the ropes.

Hart and Aries fight for leverage on the apron, and Hart sends Austin onto the outside. Hart asai moonsaults on Aries onto the outside and gets Aries back in the ring. He soon lifts Aries up on the top turnbuckle once more, but Aries crotches Hart on the ropes. He hits Hart with a corner discus punch and then his patented brainbuster, but Hart kicks out!

Hart rolls to the outside. Aries goes for another tope, but Teddy side steps. Aries smacks right flush into the guardrail. Teddy has more planned for Austin. He deadlifts Aries back onto the apron. Aries, however, was playing possum and rolls up Hart, but Hart kicks out and hits a Canadian Destroyer for the very well-deserved win as he holds on to the Middleweight Title. Hart shows his appreciation for the crowd.

The next match is one that has respect on the line as Low Ki aims to teach the Hart Foundation’s Brian Pillman Jr one tough lesson about respect and self-awareness in the ring.

Low Ki defeated Brian Pillman

Pillman shows that showmanship and family lineage as he comes out wearing his famous father’s Hollywood Blondes jacket.

Pillman chops away at Low Ki and shows major disrespect to the Lone Wolf Of Brooklyn with a slap to the face.

That fires Low Ki up as he rips the shirt of Pillman and sends him to the outside. Pillman begins to take it to Low Ki. Low Ki ever the veteran in and out of the ring body slams Pillman onto the bare floor to regain advantage.

The action gets back into the ring and Pillman lands one beautiful dropkick on The Professional. Pillman has long eclipsed the three minute mark made by Low Ki against his opponents and makes that moment known with one crisp powerslam onto the canvas.

Low Ki feeds Brian some knees and lifts Pillman up to the top rope. The two come to a stalemate as both execute strikes and Pillman flies off the top rope with a diving clothesline.

Pillman is shaken by Low Ki’s strikes as referee Doug Markham asks the young star if he’s still good to continue. Pillman insists that he is, and Low Ki delivers another strike. Pillman answers the ten count. The ever-brash Pillman, throws his mouthpiece at Low Ki which prompts THe Professional to deliver a rolling kick to knock Pillman silly and forces Markham’s hand to call for the bell.

Post-match, Low Ki goes to the corner to revive Pillman and show him some great respect. He exchanges a few words of encouragement with Pillman and the two shake hands. Pillman learned a hard lesson, but a very valuable one.

MLW is happy to announce a new partnership with AAA! Who else can’t wait for this hot new alliance? More coming soon!

Next we see the “Sweet Scientist” in Timothy Thatcher face off against “Filthy” Tom Lawlor in a first-ever face off.

Tom Lawlor defeated Timothy Thatcher

Thatcher comes out with Douglas James, but it’s all business when the bell rings for Timothy and Tom. The two trade hard blows and it doesn’t take long for the brawling to go to the outside. Lawlor locks in a choke hold but Thatcher barrels him into the guardrail the sends a zip tie zooming into the crowd.

It doesn’t take long for the action to get down on the canvas as Lawlor looks to lock in a figure four, but Thatcher counters. He strikes Lawlor before wrenching Filthy Tom in a modified surfboard stretch. Lawlor has won 51% of his matches via submission, but that appears to be Thatcher’s aim as he cinches in a single leg crab. The two find one another on the mat and begin trading slaps.

The two have one another in leg holds, but Lawlor resets and finally gets in the figure four leg lock. The two stare each other down as Thatcher rolls his way to the ropes. He uses the apron to his advantage against Tom.

Thatcher tries to keep Tom grounded, but the strength of the Filthy one comes into play as he airplane spins Thatcher for what seems to be an eternity before slamming him down.

Neither man cannot seem to gain an upper hand on one another as both get to their feet to slug it out once more (this is some teeth shattering stuff!) The two trade belly-to-belly suplexes.

The two find themselves on the outside and Lawlor chest chops the ever-living hell out of Thatcher that echoes throughout Cicero over and over. Lawlor is going absolutely wild as he delivers kicks in-ring to Thatcher, but Timothy shows his pain threshold as he snorts and snarls at each and every strike. Thatcher catches him with a beauty of a butterfly suplex before he attempts to lock on a fujiwa armbar. Lawlor hits Tim with a German suplex, but Thatcher receipts him with a suplex of his own.

Thatcher goes for another armbar, but Tom plants him with a tombstone piledriver.

Thatcher kicks out and Tom can’t believe it. Tim catches Tom’s leg and goes for the armbar once more. The two trade headbutts and Lawlor lands a pumphandle suplex. Two count.

Lawlor feeds Tim a knee and begins striking away at a covered up Thatcher. Lawlor locks in a rear-naked choke and Tim has no choice but to tap.

Post-match Lawlor gets on the stick with Kaci Lennox and pays respect to Timothy Thatcher. The world is Lawlor’s oyster as he said he can do anything he wants in MLW, but one thing is for certain, Major League Wrestling is going to “Stay Filthy!”

Mance Warner defeated Beastia 666 and Jimmy Havoc in a “Stairway To Hell” Ladder Match

Halloween may be over, but up next is the “certain to be chilling” Stairway To Hell match as that spool of barbed wire ominously dangles from the sky. First out is Beastia 666 who represents Promociones Dorado. Jimmy Havoc comes out next but Mance Warner comes right out to take it to Havoc. Beastia tries to strike Mance, but Ol’ Mancer does the same to the son of Damien. Warner goes back to the outside to poke Havoc in the eye.

Beastia shows his bloodthirst as he looks to dive onto Mance who catches him with a trash can. Mance sends a ladder in the ring, but Havoc and he do an impromptu staple gun “test of strength” in which Warner handily wins. He staples Havoc quite a bit (even adding a dead president to his back. The ladder gets propped up between the ring and the barricade and Warner chokeslams Havoc onto it. Beastia sends Warner into it afterwards. Beastia takes the ladder into the ring. And the two begin the climb. Havoc tips the ladder over and Mance Warner dons a crimson mask.

Havoc rips that dollar off his back and pockets it as Mancer brings a ring board into the squared circle and props it up in the corner (before rubbing it down with blood).

Beastia soon finds himself the only on standing and once again goes for that barbed wire. Warner stops him and jabs away at Beastia in the corner. Havoc tries to climb, but Mance catches him and sends him crashing through the board!

Mance climbs and pulls the barbed wire down. It doesn’t take long for Mance to feel the weapon’s wrath as both Beastia and Havoc feed it in the face of the Bucksnort Brawler. That alliance doesn’t last long as Havoc goes for the pinfall, but Beastia stops the count. Beastia soon tries for a pin attempt of his own on Warner, but Havoc breaks that up. He sends Beastia into the announce table. Havoc places a chair on it’s side but Beastia sidewalk slams Havoc on top of it.

Beastia climbs the ladder, but Havoc grabs hold of Beastia’s beast and launches him on the chair as well!

Mancer gets back into the equation with punches however Havoc finds his groove with the barbed wire, using it to attack both opponents. Mancer sends him silly with one big lariat.

Beastia finds it in his hollow heart to mock Mancer’s knee finisher, but Warner wills himself to brainbuster superplex Beastia through a ring board for the win.

The chaos isn’t concluded post match as an irate Havoc assaults Warner on the outside. He piledrives Warner onto an errant barricade before hitting him with an Acid Rain Drop. Havoc licks the blood of Warner as the victor is left laying.

The MLW National Openweight Title has more than just gold on the line as there happens to be some mighty bad blood between Champion Alex Hammerstone and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Alexander Hammerstone defeated Davey Boy Smith to retain the MLW National Openweight Title

Just like Pillman Jr., Davey Boy honors his late father with a lucha-esque bulldog mask. Hammerstone enters the ring with all the swagger to fill up the Windy City.

The bell rings and the two tie up to a stalemate. Davey Boy’s speed gets the better as he snaps in a headlock that takes Hammer down. Davey Boy nips right up to applause.

Since Hammerstone’s debut almost a year ago, his total matches have only lasted an amount of 30 minutes and Davey Boy has never lost in singles action in MLW. Davey Boy wrenches on the back of Hammer for quite a while but Hammer finally breaks it up with the ropes. Hammerstone takes a moment to declare “picture time” and that soon comes to be as he picks up Smith for a stalling suplex. Smith stands right up and catches the unexpecting Hammer with a stalling plex of his own.

The two continue to fight on the outside. Hammer takes a moment to break the count, but it comes back to bite him as Davey Boy boots him down. The brawl goes back to the ring and Hammer finds an opportunity to rip off a turnbuckle pad. He delivers some stiff shots to the kidneys of Davey. Smith finds the fire and begins to “run wild” on Hammer with an atomic leg drop for a very close fall.

Hammer turns the tide soon enough with a dropkick off the top rope that sends Davey to a horizontal base.

Hammerstone goes for round two on the top rope, but Davey Boy climbs to stop him and he sure does with a superplex. Davey climbs right back up and hits a diving headbutt to the sternum of Hammer for the 1-2-kick out.

Hammer hoists Davey Boy up for a T-Bone Suplex. The two start to feel the adrenaline as multiple suplexes doesn’t keep either man down.

Davey Boy locks in a crossface and Hammer crawls his way to the ropes but Davey Boy rolls him back in center ring. The rest of The Dynasty run down to thwart the threat, Davey Boy stops them but Hammer sends him into the open turnbuckle. He hits one jaw-breaking Valkyrie Missile for what seemed to be a surefire win, but Davey kicks out.

Leave it to Hammerstone to find any edge possible as he finds the right moment roll Davey Boy up by the ropes. Hammer grabs the bottom rope for leverage in which an unaware Doug Markham doesn’t see and administers an unsavory three count.

It’s main event time, ladies and gentlemen. The 2019 Battle Riot Winner LA Park is the first to enter and the Chicago crowd shows their love for The Destroyer. The MLW World Champion comes donning the CONTRA black flag and the tension is quite high in Cicero Stadium.

The arena shakes with dueling chants as LA Park looks unphased by the challenge he has in front of him. He gets a gigantic ovation as he is formally introduced.

Jacob Fatu has destruction in his eyes as he’s introduced, but LA Park grabs the mic and speaks Spanish to the live crowd, attempting to get into Fatu’s head. He doesn’t have some very nice words for the champ.

The bell rings and both slug it out. The champ gets the advantage at first but both men trade a series of German suplexes. LA Park uses the body of Frank Gastineau to help him lariat Fatu down.

Both men go to the outside and Samael shoves his way into the action by striking LA Park down. The undefeated Destroyer feels Fatu’s wrath back in the ring. The champion takes a moment to taunt the crowd with calls of “CONTRA” as he brings LA Park to his feet. He headbutts Park in the corner and Fatu is now fully in control. As Salina tries to restore order, Fatu goes for the mask of Park and Samael slides in to strike Park repeatedly with his spike. Park’s mask is partially gone, but blood has covered up what it naked tot the crowd. Fatu continues his attack onto the outside. Blood is just everywhere and LA Park gets tossed into the crowd. On the opposite side of Cicero, Salina looks extremely concerned and Rich Bocchini can only think that she’s regretting not prioritizing the importance of the match.

“LA Park” chants are still behind The Destroyer as blood continues to pour out of The Chairman. Fatu claims to the crowd he’s going to kick his ass all night long. LA Park finds moments to strike back but doesn’t truly change the momentum until he catches Fatu with a powerslam. That doesn’t last long as Fatu sidekicks Park down before hitting a standing springboard moonsault. Near fall.

Fatu puts Park in a corner but Park headbutts him off and hits him with a twisting senton for a very close fall!

Park decides to take it back to the outside and smacks Fatu down with the timekeeper’s table. The Destroyer grabs a chair and smacks Fatu with it and that’s right before he breaks the ring bell over the champ’s skull. Fatu is now bleeding heavily.

LA Park gets his second wind and chokes Fatu with the middle rope while in ring. He pushes Fatu into the corner and headbutts him with force. Park pulls off his belt and begins to slap it across the back of the champion. LA Park shoots Fatu in the corner but Fatu finds his footing and crashes into Park with a vaulting senton. Park goes to the outside and in a jaw-dropping moment, Jacob leaps over the top rope and the two tumble down the entryway.

Fatu gets back in the ring with a table and sets it up in the corner. Fatu climbs the top rope and yells “Hail CONTRA” before leaping off with a moonsault. He misses! LA Park goes for the pin but Samael gets back in and sends a fireball into the face of referee Frank Gastineau!

Salina steps in but as LA Park aims for Samael, he accidentally hits the Empresaria with a spear through the table!

Fatu Samoan Drops LA Park before he hops up for his patented springboard top rope moonsault for the victory!

We see Samael and Fatu celebrate the monumental win on their way up the entryway as Park tends aid to Salina. This win clearly changes the landscape of MLW as CONTRA shows that they are in full control! What does this mean for Promociones Dorado and Salina? What does this all mean for CONTRA? One matter is for certain, the battle of monsters was indeed just that and it could have some scary results for everyone not hailing CONTA.

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