FUSION RECAP: Injustice’s Myron Reed Challenges Teddy Hart For Middleweight Gold


This week’s Fusion was all ready to fire off with Low Ki vs. Timothy Thatcher setting the tone for MLW’s long-awaited return to Orlando, FL, but leave it to CONTRA to interrupt. The rogue faction is ready to relish in Jacob Fatu’s title retain from last weekend’s epic SuperFight showdown between The Samoan Werewolf and Promociones Dorado’s LA Park.

“Hail CONTRA!” is chanted by Josef Samael and says they have soldiers in Saigon celebrating their victory as “another castle has crumbled in the Kingdom of MLW.”

“Promociones Dorado was destroyed,” states Samael. “The campaign of terror continues,” as soldiers are popping up everywhere and they won’t stop until the grip is fully tightened on MLW. What’s their next step? The MLW Tag Team Titles and the World Middleweight Championship. He has an offer for the new champs in The Von Erichs (one they can’t refuse) and as for Teddy Hart, he’s ready to make him say, “Hail CONTRA!”

This brings out The Hart Foundation and they clear the ring of the nihilistic ne’er do-wells as order tries to get restored here in Orlando.

Next we see Mance Warner, who may have been bloodied, but not beaten as he defeated both Beastia 666 and Jimmy Havoc in his Stairway to Hell match at SuperFight. Ol’ Mancer took ’em out (Ol’ Mancer also took a dead president on behalf of his Uncle Moon Man for some of his moonshine) but he’s ready for a Falls Count Anywhere match with Jimmy Havoc.

It’s “Sweet Science” time as Timothy Thatcher makes his way to the squared circle as he goes up against Low Ki. No further interruptions are expected as CONTRA has been escorted from the building.

Low Ki defeated Timothy Thatcher

The taller Thatcher stares down “The Lone Wolf of Brooklyn” as the bell rings and Orlando is all ready for slugfeset. Dual chants are echoed in favor of both competitors as the two feel one another other before locking up in a test of strength. Thatcher gets Low Ki down for some ground game before both make it back up to a vertical base. Low Ki drives Timothy in the corner, but the two reset once more.

Both tie up again before Low Ki locks Thatchers arm against the top rope. He waits until five before breaking the hold and the crowd shows their appreciation for The Professional.

The two meet center ring as Thatcher begins to bend the right arm of Low Ki. Clean break once more. Another test of strength. Thatcher gets the better of Low Ki as he tries to pin his shoulders down on the mat. Thatcher goes for the submission but Low Ki rolls to the ropes.

Thatcher soon has Low Ki in his patented single leg crab before contorting the body of Brooklyn’s finest. Thatcher is sure not to rest his shoulders down on the mat before the two exchange chops. The feed gets interrupted again by CONTRA restating that they have a major offer for The Von Erichs “that they can’t refuse.”

Back to the action as Thatcher feeds his knees into the back of Low Ki. He’s got Low Ki down again with an arm wrench. The Orlando crowd try to motivate Low Ki back to his feet, but Thatcher has an arm-wrench well secured. He finally gets his foot on the ropes to break the ropes, but the damage has been done to his left arm.

The two exchange chops and uppercuts that gets Thatcher to restort to his strength by slamming Low Ki on the mat for a two count.

More European uppercuts by Thatcher and he continues to level Low Ki down. He tries to suplex Low Ki and finally does after a struggle. Another two count. More uppercuts that send Low Ki tumbling to the outside. Low Ki tries to make it back in but Thatcher knees him back out. Low Ki answers at seven and fires back with chops. Thatcher sticks with the European uppercut strategy and connects with one mid air, but the veteran wiliness of Low Ki has him rolling to the outside. He just barely answers the count at 19 and almost gets pinned for his efforts.

Thatcher tries to launch Low Ki into the corner with a catapult but Low Ki leaps up and back down with a double foot stomp on the chest of his foe. He begins to deliver crisp kicks to the chest of Thatcher and goes for a potential kill shot, but Thatcher catches him for a belly-to-belly suplex. Two count. Now a double underhook suplex. Another two count.

Thatcher goes for a belly-to-back but Low Ki reads it and goes for the dragon clutch. Thatcher lifts him in fireman’s carry but Low Ki turns it into a modified rear-naked choke for the knockout win. It literally took Low Ki’s entire body to seal the well-earned victory !

The Von Erichs feel great to be the new MLW World Tag Champs and their legendary dad Kevin sure his proud of them. They consider CONTRA’s call out, “business as usual.” The camera man seeks comment from “Filthy” Tom Lawlor who asks what Tom Lawlor’s status is with MLW. “What are you the dirt sheets?” Tom asks before dismissing the question. Very uncharacteristic for one of the faces of MLW.

Someone told Jordan Oliver that he and Injustice are acting like a bunch of thugs. He tells Kotto Brazil and Myron read that the critic thinks they should be grateful for such opportunities, but Kotto says that “everything we earn, is everything we took” and Myron Reed knows that at the end of the day, Injustice gets the job done. He’s ready to take that Middleweight belt off of Teddy Hart. Kotto and his crew close it off with, “This ain’t a black thing, it ain’t a white thing, it’s an Injustice thing” as the three walk off. Very strong statements from MLW’s hottest young trio.

King Mo has officially signed with MLW. The MMA sensation had his press conference early in the day and Mo was peppered with questions.

His objective? “My plan here in MLW is to wreck shop,” states Mo. If it’s LA Park or Jacob Fatu whoever wants some can get some from him and he’s up for any kind of action that Major League Wrestling wants to bring forth.

It’s now main event time as Injustice walks to the ring for what is Myron Reed’s biggest night of his young career as they await the MLW World Middleweight Champion, Teddy Hart.

Hart’s companion for ringside is Mr. Velvet and claims to the camera that he’s all about going up against Jacob Fatu.

Myron Reed defeated Teddy Hart to become the NEW MLW World Middleweight Champion

Hart gets Orlando on their feet before the bell rings and Teddy starts off strong with a headlock turned to a Rings Of Saturn. Injustice immediately go to interrupt and Teddy knocks them off one by one, but Reed makes the most of it with a well-placed superkick. He delivers a picture perfect slingshot leg drop for a two count.

Myron tosses him to the outside and like a pack of wild dogs, Injustice goes on the attack. Teddy shows his fortitude by fending them off, but Reed topes two times onto Teddy that sends him crashing into the crowd. A lot this charges up the question as to what exactly is in Reed’s chest protector.

The action comes back to the canvas. Reed ducks a lariat by Teddy to kip up and connect with a crisp enziguri that sends Teddy down. Myron launches himself off the ropes with a springboard ace crusher and in a feat of great awareness keeps the grip locked in to pick Hart up for a lift up reverse DDT. A very near fall, but Teddy rolls Reed up for his own two count.

Teddy capitalizes on a missed No Cap splash with a Gotch-style Canadian Destroyer.

Teddy fights through the pain as the crowd gets behind him. He lifts Reed to his knees before he wrenches the arm of “Hot Fire” and delivers a Lung Blower for the twisting springboard senton. Two count. He then delivers a major league moonsault on Myron. Yet another two count!

Hart is ready to break Myron Reed with a Teddy Bomb and does, but only gets another two count.

Frustrated, Hart brings Reed to his feet and locks him in a bearhug before crashing him down on his head with a hammerlock DDT. Teddy then leaps off the top with a jumping DDT. Myron looks to be out as the referee goes to administer the count but both Kotto and Oliver step on the apron to prevent the pinfall. Teddy takes them both off the apron and sends Reed on top of them for good measure.

Hart makes his way to the apron and grips the hand of the official to Asai moonsault on top of his adversaries. Orlando goes absolutely crazy at the amazing height Hart reaches. He suplexs both Oliver and Brazil on top of one another before he brings Reed back up top for a top turnbuckle Canadian Destroyer. He connects and it appears to be all over, but Kotto drags the official out right before his hand hits the canvas for the third time. Oliver looks to have something in his hands as he clasps his paws in prayer to beg off Teddy, but Teddy slugs him down to find nothing. The two continue to trash talk one another and out of nowhere comes Josef Samael to blow a ball of fire in the face of Hart!

Hart is severely harmed as Myron Reed launches off once more for the No Cap Splash – he connects and gets the three count to become the new World Middleweight Champion! He screams in celebration before the rest of the Hart Foundation run down to clear the ring, however Injustice has finally tipped the scales of justice in their favor as Fusion goes off the air.

Tides are clearly turning in many facets of MLW as we witness another faction planting their flag in the title picture!

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