FUSION RECAP: Marshall Von Erich attacked, Havoc/Warner brawl all over Orlando and women’s division kicks off


Fusion starts off with some unsettling news as we see backstage that Marshall Von Erich was attacked by a masked assaliant – with a lead pipe. Tom Lawlor, Dr. Tom Prichard and Marshall’s brother Ross were on hand to look after Marshall, but everyone was clueless as to who was the true attacker. Could this be at the hands of CONTRA knowing Marshall’s got the title match coming up next week on Thanksgiving?

In good news, it was announced this week that Tom Lawlor has re-signed with MLW and we’re going to get more from “Filthy” Tom tonight.

But the chaos continues as we get to the in-ring (or perhaps out of ring) action as the Falls Count Anywhere match between Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc will kick off the festivities. Mancer doesn’t waste any time as he attacks Havoc while the blood-thirsty Brit makes his way to the ring. Chairs are tossed at one another befor Mance slides a ring board onto the canvas. Havoc tries to take a literal dig at Mance with an eye poke of his own. The board gets set up in the corner and Mancer finds a moment to poke Jimmy’s eyes back before he dumps thumb tacks out on the canvas.  Havoc gives Warner an eye poke once more before he high-tails it out of the arena. Havoc then high-jacks a car and gets out of dodge, but Mance is hot on the trail as his Uncle Moon Man is right behind him (and thankfully he’s got a few road puppies ready for Mance).

As MLW tries to keep track of Mance & Havoc, we hear the unfortunate news that Marshall will not be able to compete against Jacob Fatu at the special Thanksgiving Fusion, but thankfully Ross Von Erich will step in his place. Little details are known about Marshall’s attack, except that it was one person all dressed in black and there has been no sign of CONTRA Unit on site.

The latest episode of “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Dynastic” catches Richard Holliday catching some rays outside as Hammerstone steps in to talk to him about the big gift train that’s gonna chug along to his Dynasty Brothers. Holliday is pumped for the for the reveal, but Hammer wants to hold off until Thanksgiving (hints: it’s not very large Air Pods and it isn’t whatever the hell Hammer got at that Mexican pharmacy).

The status of Mance and Havoc still remain unknown, but the fans in Orlando get a gift train of their own with the long-awaited debut of the women’s division! Zeda Zhang makes her way to the ring as she’s set to face the mysterious Spider Lady. Zeda wants to start the match off right with a handshake but the Spider Lady kicks the hand away and the women are off to the races.

Zeda Zhang defeated The Spider Lady by DQ

Zeda displays great determination she’s wearing a knee brace and it doesn’t take long for The Spider Lady to set her sights on it and then locks on a mandible claw onto Zeda. Zhang was in the ropes, but The Spider Lady will not relinquish the claw and the ref has to call for the bell

As she admires her work, The Spider Lady rips her mask off and it’s Priscilla Kelly! Kelly readminsters the Mandible Claw as she kicks the official below the belt and saunters off, satisfied with the destruction she unleashed.

We catch hold of Mance and his Uncle Moon Man. It’s not before Mance, the referee and the camera crew make their way on foot to what we find to be Jimmy Havoc’s Orlando home! Havoc is at the ready and goes to attack Mance, but Mance fights back. The two brawl their way into the bathroom and Ol’ Mancer makes sure he sticks Havoc’s head in the toilet.

Havoc soon delivers on his previously made promise that he was gonna smack Mance with a frying pan and he did (several times) before he soon switched to a stool then a shoe to continue the assault. 

Havoc hits the streets once more as Mance makes his exit to continue the pursuit. Warner states he’s totally fine and ready for some beers but Moon Man beats him to the punch with a little moonshine. Mance, Moon Man, the referee and the camera crew continue the hunt for Havoc.

We see Priscilla Kelly backstage and she has some chilling words for the women’s division. “I am the queen of doing the unexpected. I am the queen of shocking people and getting into their heads,” Priscilla states. She makes it clear that she’s here in MLW to make every women question their place and question their sanity. 

MLW Title action is about to be underway as the National Openweight Championship is to be defended by Alex Hammerstone against challenger Douglas James.

Alex Hammerstone defeated Douglas James to retain the MLW National Openweight Championship

James comes out solo, but the Openweight Champ has Richard Holliday at his side who sits down by Bocchini and Kirsch for a little commentary chat.

Hammer starts off on shakey ground as Douglas James keeps him at unease with quickness, kicks and athleticism and flourishes off with one crisp ace cutter. Two count. Hammer however soon finds his footing (and power) by launching Douglas with a capture suplex.

Hammer takes James into the corner and stomps him down  Alex is hot with rage as he lifts James up in a long-standing double underhook suplex. He feeds James elbows before wrenching his arm and shooting him across the ring with one fierce Irish whip.

James gets his second wind and stifles Hammer back with some side kicks, but a well placed boot tips the scales back in the favor of the Openweight  Champ. Hammer trash talks James before locking him in a bear hug. James elbows free, but gets caught once more by Hammer with a belly-to-belly suplex that was sure to shake Orlando.

Hammer signals for the end as it looks like he looks to administer the Nightmare Pendulum, but Hammer has other plans. He sends James to the corner and it appears as if he’s going to drop Douglas down with a top rope Pendulum. Thankfully, James rolls free to slam Hammer down and quickly hits a running double knee drop for a very near fall!

James climbs teh top rope, but Hammer gets to his feet and grabs a hold of his foe to launch him off the top rope. Hammer hits James with a bicycle kick and then a German suplex before rattling him with sit-down powerbomb, but it still isn’t enough to keep James down!

Hammer is winded and flabbergasted, but still has a plan B. He brings up James for a burning hammer and hits it on the button, but it’s still not enough!

Hammer, once again frustrated, picks up James to give him a piece of his mind, and James responds to him with a slap to the face. That puts Hammer over the edge and he hits James down with a Nightmare Pendulum for the final 1-2-3. Even despite that win, Hammer still looks astounded by the will-power Douglas James!

Fans are in store for some squared circle news: we get word that King Mo will make his MLW debut next week against Ricky Martinez!

Next up is a clip of Tom Lawlor’s press conference after it was revealed Lawlor signed a new multi-year deal with MLW. Lawlor says he could talk about all the competitors he can and wants to face, but he wants to talk about one thing: The MLW Heavyweight Title. As far as he’s concerned, he lost a family member and his intention is to get his “Filthy” hands back on that belt. He gets asked about the success of the Von Erichs and Lawlor keeps it simple: “The Von Erichs? They’re great.” He’s receives the question as to what’s next for him. The MLW world is his oyster as far as he’s concerned. He’s ready to take a swing and knock it out of the park.

Mance Warner defeated Jimmy Havoc in a “Falls Count Anywhere” match

We catch up with Mance who happened to catch up with Jimmy in a parking lot. Jimmy questions as to why Mance has Moon Man in tow with him and he soon gets his answer as he gets a splash of moonshine to the face! Mance tries pinning him on the pavement, but Jimmy kicks out.

Jimmy resorts to other methods of madness by biting Mance on the nose and ear before the two make their way to Moon Man’s wheels. Mance’s uncle fires up the suburban and begins rolling down the road with the whole gang riding shotgun (Havoc included!)

It’s not long before both are back in the arena and Mance goes down Havoc’s gameplan as he pulls out a staple gun and begins sticking dolllar bills on Havoc’s head. Havoc sticks a few dead presidents onto Mance’s noggin as well before the two brawl back into the ring.

Havoc drop toe holds Mancer onto a chair before hoisting Warner up for a death valley driver through the ring board! Havoc has more “Death Valley” on the brain as he picks Mance up again and sit down slams him through the thumb tacks! It all looks to be over, but the Bucksnort Brawler gets a shoulder up!

Havoc shoves a fork in the forehead of Mance and tries to finish him off with an Acid Rainmaker, but Mance ducks and rolls him up for the win!

Jimmy is irate and digs the fork in Mance’s head once more as he continues to literally bite and stab his victorious adversary in some unsavory spots.

Suddenly, the feed gets cut by CONTRA and we see Josef Samael with the MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Jacob Fatu. Samael told them that the fires were going to rise. He says CONTRA invites fans to sit around their television this Thanksgiving to see the fall of Ross Von Erich.

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