FUSION RECAP: Opera Cup Continues As Dynasty Brothers Battle & Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Low Ki


We first set eyes on The Dynasty walking the windy streets of New York City (Hammer with his signature sunglasses, MJF with signature scarf and Holliday with signature…Starbucks) as a camera man asks about Hammer and MJF facing one another in tonight’s opening round of The Opera Cup. The trio does not want to talk about it, but Holliday assures that his “Lawyer Slash his Father” is working as they speak on getting it rectified. But what if it does happen? “Listen, The Dynasty always has a plan B,’ states Holliday.

“Prince of Darkness” Match
Jimmy Havoc vs. Mance Warner

“The Man of 14 Stone” first steps into the ring for what is guaranteed to be a match of darkness as both men will be blindfolded, but The Southern Psycho comes out with the Queens crowd fully behind him. The two make certain to put the hoods on simultaneously as they literally feel the ring out. Mancer takes a wild swing and misses. Marco Polo is played in Mancer’s favor but Jimmy evades by duck walking away. Mancer is about to inadvertently attack the referee, but Jimmy slips a peek and begins attacking Warner.

In a wild decision of high-risk, Jimmy drops a massive elbow on the MLW logo mid-canvas, clearly missing any semblance of a target and it allows Warner to deliver a blind Bionic Elbow that the late great Jim Barnett would’ve been proud of.

Havoc gets frustrated and shoves the ref into the arms of Warner. As both Mance and the ref are gathering their bearings, Havoc rips the hood off to begin assaulting Warner once more. The ref admonishes Jimmy in the corner, but as this is going on, who slips in but Priscilla Kelly who punts Warner right between the legs. Jimmy throws his hood back up and grabs Warner in for the Acid Rainmaker for the win and the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Jimmy Havoc

The cameras are with Tom Lawlor outside and Lawlor reveals that Team Filthy Dojo is back in business. “From white belt to black bet, we’re coming for all the belts,” states Lawlor, but he gets met by Ross Von Erich as he enters the building. The two brawl in the NYC elements and Tom shoulder block spears Ross into a stack of loaded up boxes before bailing. We soon get word that Ross is in pursuit.

Alicia Atout joins Alex Hammerstone backstage to reveal that she saw Richard Holliday and MJF discussing matters of the two Dynasty brothers’ big match tonight. Atout asks if everything is okay between the three. “The Dynasty, we’re like brothers. I love Max. I love him more than I love my pet turtle Frankie, alright?” (very strong statement from Hammer). Serendipitously, Max and Holliday enter the picture to downplay Atout’s observations, demand her apology (“sorrey”) offer Hammer some Vitamin C (loves “the juice”) before trashing Canadian cuisine.

Mance Warner is more than upset at Havoc’s actions, but before he can even get a full sentence out, in comes Priscilla and Havoc with a chain wrapped fist to assault Mance once more. Havoc presses the blade of a pair of scissors in the forehead of Mance before saying he better be ready for his barbed wire bout in Dallas come January. Mance is indeed a bloody mess.

Camera crews try to get word from Gino Mendina about what his business status is after being seen talking to Konnan. Medina wants to leave it just at that, but then we see him being pulled into a room by Salina de la Renta who might be making an offer of her own to MLW’s hottest new prospect.

Richard Holliday requested camera time with MLW production crew and as those cameras are getting situated we see Hammerstone on a phone being sneakily approached by MJF. MJF begins to level with Hammerstone – his pitch? Hammerstone has the most beautiful, important belt in all of MLW, in the Openweight Championship so why does he need some little ol’ thing like The Opera Cup? MJF wants him lay down for him in the ring. Hammer wants to be sure of what Max is asking, but in comes Holliday on the phone with his Lawyer Slash Father. He gets off the phone and promises the two that it isn’t going to happen. Very tense times here. Very tense.

CIMA and his #StrongHearts are all but ready to show their talents in MLW and as the three are about to address who they’re looking forward to facing in Major League Wrestling, in comes CONTRA to beat them down. Security does their best to break it all up, but production has to cut away as order gets restored.

Opera Cup Round 1
Alexander Hammerstone vs. MJF

They may both be of The Dynasty, but it’s evident both Hammer and MJF admire the beauty of The Opera Cup as they make their way to the ring. Holliday walks out with Max, but both MJF and Hammer embrace before the bell rings.

The two both do a “doomful poke” at one another and that’s where the stalemate begins. MJF demonstrates what he’d like Hammer to do for him. MJF attempts the devastating maneuver once more, but Hammer returns with one of his own. This prompts Max to shove Hammer and exclaim that he’s the leader of The Dynasty, and Hammer dropkicks him out of the ring for his troubles.

Hammer flips his way onto the outside and Queens looks to be in support of The Openweight Champion. Hammer states to Max that he’s the leader of The Dynasty before rolling him back into the ring and delivering a double dropkick that sends Max into the corner. Holliday looks to try to restore order and Max takes the moment to pull Hammer down, sending his head crashing into the middle turnbuckle.

MJF scissor locks Hammer center of the ring, telling him that the crowd in Queens doesn’t care about him before he has to hit Hammer with a kitchen sink knee lift. MJF locks in an abdominal stretch and even goes as far to hold the ropes for leverage behind the ref’s back.

As this is going on, we get an update regarding that Mance Warner is being attended to due to the injuries suffered by Jimmy Havoc (be sure to keep your eyes peeled on MLW.com for more updates).

The ref finally catches MJF’s trangressions and kicks his arm off the ropes, prompting Hammer to hip toss Max back to playing defense. Hammer rolls through with his sheer brute power and catches MJF with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

Hammer lifts Max up high for a double underhook slam. He goes for the cover, but only gets a two. The crowd chants for “one more time,” but Hammer is ready for a Nightmare Pendulum.

In a shocking moment, MJF spits in the face of Hammer who then swings wildly at Max. Max ducks but gets his leg caught by Hammer who flips him over. Max lands on his feet to timely thumb Hammer in the eye.

MJF charges at Hammer, but Alex catches him with not one but two bicycle kicks. MJF slugs Hammer hard, but that only got his buddy hot. Hammer grins and MJF kicks him in the knee before hitting him with a superkick.Hammer gets to his feet and decapitates MJF with one groundswell of a lariat. There’s also a groundswell in the crowd as to who is behind Hammerstone as he gets to his feet. Holliday gets on the apron to demand that the match ends and as the referee is trying to get Richard to cool his Air Pods, MJF low blows Hammer. He quickly rolls him up for a small package, but only gets two. Max is astounded.

MJF aims to roll the dice, but Hammer catches him for a knee and hits him with a sit-out powerbomb for the big three-count victory.

WINNER and advances to the semi-finals: Alexander Hammerstone

Post-match, a still-heated Hammer looks to inflict more pain on Max, but thankfully Holliday slides in to settle him down. Holliday lifts MJF to his feet and wants the two to make amends. Both do before Max collapses in heap. Hammer exits, victorious and on the right road to obtaining the Opera Cup.

Three men who aren’t on that road at all are Myron Reed, Kotto Brazil and Jordan Oliver of Injustice . They show some high disrespect for the heralded trophy and it’s history. Oliver states that he wouldn’t even shake the late Stu Hart’s hand as Kotto makes it clear that someone isn’t going to make it to the finals. “Kotto Claus is coming to down,” and he’s bringing a bag full of Justice.

Cameras catch up with Ross Von Erich and Tom Lawlor as the two continue to brawl on the streets of New York. Queens Boulevard feels the fire between the two as Lawlor manages to evade Ross at a gas station.

Alicia Atout is standing aside Davey Boy Smith who is all set to go for his opening round match tonight against New York’s own, Low Ki in what happens to be a first-ever bout between the two.

Davey knows that Low Ki is probably the toughest competitor to be in the tournament, but the pride that Davey Boy has flowing through his veins for his family and for Stu is what will power him through to victory in the Opera Cup. It was 71 years ago when Stu won the tournament and this will be Davey’s next step before he sets his sights on the MLW Heavyweight Championship. He’ll see Low Ki in the ring.

Opera Cup Round 1
Low Ki vs. Davey Boy Smith, Jr.

Low Ki as always, is all business, but so is Davey Boy as both competitors make their way down to the center of the Melrose Ballroom. The two exchange a handshake to start off the contest and on another feel each other out with their respective weapon of choice, Low Ki his legs and Davey with his grappling ability.

Davey wrings the arm of Low Ki, but Brooklyn’s finest kick free as the crowd continues to get behind the two stars.

Headlock takedown by Davey and he keeps Low Ki grounded down. Davey attempts to press the shoulders down for pin attempts but Low Ki refuses to relent. Low Ki gets dragged to the corner but carpe diems Davey’s decision by locking the arm over the rope before breaking at five.

Davey Boy shows strength and eventually lifts Low Ki back on the apron before crumbling the Lone Wolf down to the outside with a forceful punch.

The action continues and Davey begins to feel the fire as he slams Low Ki down hard center of the ring and wears him down with a side bear hug. Low Ki throws an elbow and starts to kick Davey in the ribs, but Davey catches him and continues the brawling attack.

Low Ki gets back on the attack with a knee to the mid-section. He climbs the tope rope and leaps off to double foot stomp right on the back of DB as he’s buckled over! Low Ki rolls to and attempts to slam Davey, but he’s too heavy. Both trade elbows and Low Ki gets the advantage by side-kicking him, getting jelly-legged. The action spills to the outside as Low Ki delivers chops. Davey slams Low Ki in the barricade before breaking the 20-count, but gorilla presses Low Ki back into the ring. Low Ki uses the momentum to roll through and kicks Davey while on the apron.

Low Ki gets Davey grounded in the ring and then leaps off the top to double foot stomp the young Bulldog, but Davey rolls out of the way and catches him with a powerslam for a near fall. Powerbomb. Two count. Davey struggles to get an advantage and out of sheer strength and adrenaline, Low Ki bodyslams Davey down!

“The Lone Wolf Of Brooklyn” climbs the top turnbuckle for another Exclamation Point, but Davey headbutts him twice in the midsection. He hoists Low Ki up for a running powerslam, but Low Ki slides his body behind Davey just enough to lock him in a modified rear naked choke, the same one that put Brian Pillman down in their match at SuperFight! Davey is slowly fading and gets down on one knee. Davey takes one last risk and rolls his head and back on top of Low Ki to get the pinfall victory! What a tremendous win!

WINNER and advances to the semi-finals: Davey Boy Smith, Jr.

Low Ki is frustrated, but both he and Davey know the battle of body and spirit that they both just went through and “The Professional” is quick to go in for the hand shake and arm raise.

Cameras catch up once more with Ross Von Erich in pursuit of Tom Lawlor as the two chase one another up the stairs of 11th Street Station. We briefly lose feed, but once we set sight again Tom Lawlor is shown escaping on the subway, delivering a two-finger salute to Ross who says, “this isn’t over.”

You better believe it isn’t.

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