FUSION RECAP: The Von Erichs In Action As The Opera Cup Finalists Are Determined


The unexpected occurred to kick off this week’s Fusion. Alicia Atout is standing by at the back of the Melrose Ballroom and she reports that Brian Pillman Jr. was ambushed by all three members of Injustice as he headed into a VIP meet and greet session. Atout reports that Pillman suffered a separated shoulder and she’ll keep the MLW faithful posted on further developments. Will Pillman be able to face Timothy Thatcher in his semi-final match at the Opera Cup?

AJ Kirsch and Rich Bocchini are joined by “Filthy” Tom Lawlor on commentary as Queens hunkers down for some tag team action.

Lawlor blatantly mocked the Von Erich family legacy last week by bringing out Lance Von Erich’s “son” – Rip Von Erich and when Marshall and Ross came out for some retribution, Lawlor had The Spirit Squad behind his back. Now we see that that bond got even stronger as Tom invited Doane and Mondo to join Team Filthy.

MLW Tag Team Championship
The Filthy Squad vs. The Von Erichs (c)

It doesn’t take long for the action to start as Ross & Marshall go right on the attack. They give that offensive attakc an exclamation point with a double dropkick on Doane. That tide soon changes when the Squad isolate the younger Marshall. The Filthy Squad live up to their new name by attacking Marshall’s taped knee (which Tom has a hard time denying that he was the one who attacked Marshall). Ross gets the tag in to restore order for the brothers and it’s not long before the two hit The Claw Slam for the 1-2-3!

WINNERS: The Von Erichs

Lawlor made a quick exit from the booth post match, but someone to make a quick entrance is “Rip Von Erich” who tries to take out Marshall and Ross. It doesn’t take the two very long to dispose of him as the brothers show they’re at the ready for whatever Tom throws at them.

Not so fast. Alicia Atout was ready to interview the Von Erichs backstage after their victory and in charged Lawlor out of nowhere with nunchucks! Tom will never stop at at finding anyway at getting an advantage.

We hear from Injustice after they assaulted Brian Pillman Jr: Bottom line is Pillman’s out. They’re the alternates for The Opera Cup and find that it’s high time for justice. It’s on management’s end to do the right thing.

Alicia has another update on Brian Pillman: she’s just got word that Pillman might be not able to compete. Out comes Brian Pillman with quite a bit of ice packs on his shoulder, but that’s not going to hold him back. He’s been cleared and he will compete tonight in The Opera Cup. As for Injustice…”You’re going to be an alternate ass whooping when I’m done with this tournament,” states Pillman. As for Thatcher, he’s gonna kick his ass with a separated shoulder.

The feed gets cut and we see Josef Samael and MLW World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu. “Our soldiers continue to train for the upcoming war….” says Samael. The plan to crumble the likes of THe Von Erichs and Davey Boy Smith Jr. (who they call out by name) before the feed cuts back to the ring.

Out comes Konnan to a NYC welcome of the wrestling legend. “New York City’s lit!” yells Konnan before he goes on to state that he’s been there for the growth of MLW. From top tier stars like Rey Mysterio Jr to The Lucha Brothers, he has developed talents over the course of his career and thinks that he found the next big thing in Gino Medina. Out comes “El Untocable Konnan recounts the legacy that he shares with Gino’s father. Gino takes the mic and says that his father had told him a lot about Konnan and their history, but he sees what Konnan’s doing. He’s trying to use him. Konnan says he’s looking out for his best interest, unlike Salina de la Renta who Gino has developed a partnership with. Konnan’s got some choice words for his adversary and that prompts “The Empresaria” to come out. She in turn has some words regarding Konnan, but all attention is still on Gino when out comes The Dynasty. MJF says there’s a reason that he has two major contracts and there’s a reason that everybody in The Dynasty is a top guy and if he wants to considered in such ranks then Medina knows the right move.

Holliday encourages Medina to breath in the “rarefied air” before Hammerstone hammers The Dynasty pitch home as all eyes remain on “El Intocable.” Gino ponders it over before shaking hands and embracing with Konnan, but that’s a ruse as he kicks the legend in the gut before taking the boots to him!

The Dynasty join in on the attack as Salina bails out. Sure enough, Medina joins fists together with the three and it look like The Dynasty just became untouchable! The four stomp away at Konnan once more before making their exit.

Opera Cup Semi-Finals (Round 2)
Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Timothy Thatcher

Pillman enters favoring that left shoulder of his and you have to believe Timothy Thatcher smells blood in the water.

Thatcher comes out with a grin and even points at Brian’s bum shoulder. The bell rings and Brian breaks out strategy by catching Tim off guard with a double drop kick. Pillman keeps using his legs to his advantage, but it’s not long for Timothy to wrench Brian’s shoulder down. The sweet science has begun.

Thatcher goes for an arm breaker, but Brian rolls him on his shoulders for a pinfall break-up. Thatcher keeps Brian grounded and stretches the back before going back to the arm of his opponent.

As this match wages on, Rich Bocchini announces that Savio Vega took major exception to Gino Medina’s attack on Konnan and he’ll be challenging next week on Fusion!

Thatcher really cranks back on the arm of Pillman who shows the heart of a lion as he refuses to tap out.

Textbook suplex by Thatcher with a rollover lateral press for a near fall.

This somehow charges Brian up and he finds himself on the attack of Thatcher. Thatcher soon charges at Brian but Pillman’s awareness is on point as he catches him with a powerslam and a two count.

Pillman gets back to his airborne strategy with a leaping crossbody out of the corner for another near fall.

Pillman surprisingly continues the offensive attack, but out of nowhere, Thatcher catches him in the Fujiwa armbar!

Fans have to think it’s just a matter of time before Brian taps, but “The Loose Cannon’s” kid musters up enough to grab Thatcher and roll him up for a three count out of the blue! Pillman advances!

WINNER and advances to The Opera Cup Final: Brian Pillman Jr.

Next week it’s going to be the battle of The Harts as Brian will face Davey Boy Smith Jr nin The Opera Cup finals! Who will take home Stu Hart’s cherished prize?

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