Grogan drops the Dynasty

After months of humuliating menial tasks and being disrespected Grogan is gone.

Following a case of light beer, a long talk with Mance Warner and a night with “Texas Tina,” Grogan has dropped the Dynasty and their strange name for him.

After being branded as “Grogan” by the Dynasty, Grogan is no longer… in name. Now known as Logan Creed, the 6’11” big man reportedly had reached his limit with the obnoxious elitists.

Showing immense potential in a battle royal, which he dominated and ultimately won in the fall, Logan Creed has spent the virtually his entire time in MLW as a butler for the Dynasty. Many pundits questioned the arrogance of Dynasty for allowing such a spectacular athlete to do their chores and be their muscle. Fortunately, Creed has since seen the light thanks to Ol Mancer.

With the Dynasty’s absurd demands and belittling now in the rearview mirror for the Georgia giant, the league has quickly come to terms to sign the agile powerhouse to a contract.

League matchmakers are now putting together a bout sheet for Logan Creed’s singles debut in MLW. can confirm that it is likely he will compete this coming weekend on FUSION.

When reached for comment, the Dynasty fumed. Vowing to take care of Warner for interfering with their affairs, the Dynasty may think twice before waltzing into the arena as Logan Creed is on the hunt for all four of them.

Has Mance Warner unleashed a monster the Dynasty can’t run from? We may find out soon.

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