FUSION RECAP: Ross Von Erich Looks For Retribution Against ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor


The Von Erichs look to keep that momentum rolling after Marshall and Ross retained their MLW World Tag Team Titles last week on Fusion. Tonight, Ross Von Erich will get his rematch against “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, but first we are reintroduced to a familiar face.

We see Grogan backstage and he has a few choice words for his former friends in The Dynasty (if you want to call them that). The name is not Gorgon or Grogan – the name is Logan Creed and he thinks it’s time for the heel to get heated. We’re just about to see such…

Match 1
Moonshine Mantell vs. Logan Creed

There’s quite the mass of humanity in the ring as Mantell and Creed trade blows but a shoulder tackle sends Moonshine to the mat.

Moonshine refuses to relent but the power of Creed is too damn much. Moonshine turns the tide a bit with some corner shoulder thrusts but Creed cracks Mantell with a chokeslam backbreaker.

He boots Mantell out of the ring and then does a top rope suicide dive onto Moonshine.

Creed tosses Moonshine back into the ring and snaps him down with one powerful powerbomb. It’s over and The Dynasty better be concerned.

WINNER: Logan Creed

Speaking of we catch up with The Dynasty and Holliday is not pleased that Creed left the group over a Natty Light cracked open with Mance Warner.

Who’s in contention this week? PWI presents it’s Top 10 Contenders For The MLW World Heavyweight Championship

10. Dominic Garrini

9. Low Ki

8. Jimmy Havoc

7. Richard Holliday

6. Tom Lawlor

5. Mance Warner

4. Brian Pillman Jr.

3. Myron Reed

2. Alexander Hammerstone

1. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Erick Stevens is here to make an impact. He wants to call out Davey Boy Smith because he’s the toughest competitor in MLW. We get to see him for the first time next.

Match 2
Erick Stevens vs. Douglas James

Collar elbow starts the bout off, but Stevens immediately grinds his forearm to the face of James. Matters gets immediately heated and James shows his grappler technique with a quick takedown before paint brushing Stevens as a receipt for the previous insult.

James continues with the quickness and sheer athleticism, causing Stevens to reassess his situation.

Real hard chop by James. James tries catching Stevens with a tope dive but Stevens catches him instead to slam him down on the apron. Momentum has shifted.

Stiff elbow to the jaw of James that gets a near fall. Stevens slaps Douglas James hard twice so James returns the favor. This fires James up and he feeds a bevvy of kicks to Erick.

Bad times for James as Stevens shows his technique with a surfboard stretch. We go to break and when we return, James snaps Stevens with a meteora! Very near fall.

More kicks by James and Stevens asks him for more. Frustration kicks in for Douglas James and he flattens Stevens with a forearm. Another near fall. Erick, however shifts the battle back in his favor.

Stevens gets on a rampage that culminates with his patented Sarasota Screwdriver (a Northern Lights Bomb) for the 1-2-3

WINNER: Erick Stevens

MLW gets word of some footage that went down in which Richard Holliday and Alex Hammerstone confront Mance Warner. Moments later, The Southern Psycho finds out after the fact that they attacked his Uncle Moon Man.

Tom Lawlor is far from concerned with the alliance between The Von Erichs and Davey Boy Smith Jr. Family matters don’t matter to the Filthy one.

We then see that Injustice are relishing in their planned attack against Brian Pillman Jr., foiling his MLW World Title shot against Jacob Fatu.

Next we see Jimmy Havoc and Priscilla Kelly. Jimmy isn’t pleased with the outcome of his feud with Mance Warner, but he did bring him into his world. Now he’s ready to do that with another competitor. One he’s looking forward to picking the bones of.

Match 3
Dr. Dax. vs. King Mo

Dr. Dax comes in hard against King Mo, using his power and strength to catch the new MLW member off-guard, but Mo’s MMA background comes in handy as he catches Dax in a rear naked choke for the submission. Dr. Dax certainly wanted to live to fight another day. Could the same outcome happen to the other Knockout King in Low Ki? Fans of MLW certainly hope to see that fight come to fruition.


Main Event
Tom Lawlor vs. Ross Von Erich

Ross doesn’t waste any time as he comes firing off on Filthy and it isn’t long before the beatdown goes to the outside. It’s capped off with a belly-to-back suplex on the apron.

Tom, however sees the window as Ross rolls into the ring, but the cockiness of Lawlor gets the best of him and Ross rolls away from an elbow to deliver a beauty of a springboard senton.

Matters get too much for Tom as it appears Lawlor feigns that Ross thumbed him in the eye. This allows Lawlor’s corner man (complete with stuffed hobby horse) to trip Ross up.

Tom makes the most of it and plants RVE down with a suplex before hitting him with some hard punches. Lawlor uses the corner to choke the life out of Ross as the official tries to restore order. The Dallas crowd really lets Lawlor have it.

Lawlor’s attack doesn’t stop as he relentlessly kicks a Ross, but a Pele kick gets the adrenaline pumping for the oldest Von Erich Brother. He really takes it to Tom as he hits a modified impaler DDY for a close fall.

Ross has Tom all sized up for a Von Erich Claw, but inference from Garrini causes the ref to call for the bell.

WINNER by DQ: Ross Von Erich

Almost immediately, Marshall runs to the ring to even the odds and does just that. They dispose of Garrini and the two are ready to deliver The Claw on Lawlor.

Out of nowhere comes Erick Stevens from behind to attack the Von Erich brothers and it’s a full on assault on Texas’ favorite sons.

The attack is not only a means to disparage the Von Erich name, but the state of Texas itself as Lawlor and Stevens both take their turn at disrespecting the state flag. The crowd is absolutely irate as a trash can gets thrown in the ring and boos are echoing throughout the sold-out Nytex Centre. Things are getting heated as Team Filthy fired up a riot deep in the heart of Texas

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