MJF and Hammerstone in-fighting?


Are egos clashing amongst the elitists?

Sources close to MJF’s camp claim this is indeed the case.

Since the Dynasty produced edition of FUSION, MJF and Alex Hammerstone have not been seen fraternizing.  Most recently MJF blew off a Dynasty team tanning session which left Hammerstone vexed.

Many point to the end of the World Tag Team Title bout where Alex Hammerstone and Gino Medina were thwarted by Mance Warner in their attempt to aid MJF who ultimately was pinned by Marshall Von Erich.

There are reports that Hammerstone and MJF have not talked since title match.

MJF reportedly blames Hammerstone for his “giant gift” Logan Creed backfiring.  It was Logan Creed who allowed Mance Warner to gain access to the building the night of the Dynasty title fight leading to Ol Mancer stopping Hammerstone and Medina in their efforts to aid MJF and Richard Holliday. 

Never one to hide his opinion, MJF believes it was a colossal mistake to bring Logan Creed to MLW as now the 6’11” is fixated on retribution and has all four members of the Dynasty in his crosshairs.

Meanwhile, Hammerstone prefers to do his talking face to face and hasn’t been trash talking any member of the Dynasty.

With reports of Richard Holliday organizing an emergency Dynasty retreat in Palm Beach’s posh Breakers hotel, perhaps it is Holliday who can broker peace amongst one of the most spectacular forces the sport. 

Someone better get Dynasty’s mojo back as the barbarians are ready to storm the platinum gates of the Dynasty’s kingdom. Mance Warner, Logan Creed, Konnan and Savio Vega all have vendettas and are eager to get a swing at the Dynasty.

Can the Dynasty reverse their rocky start to 2020? The four will need to be unified to have a fighting chance against the motley crew of Warner, Creed, Vega and Konnan.

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