For nearly four months Ross Von Erich has waited to get Tom Lawlor in the ring.  With the stage set for a grudge match showdown on this week’s Fusion (WATCH), things would take a shocking turn in the closing moments of the bout.

With Lawlor on the ropes, victory seemed certain for Ross Von Erich only for Team Filthy’s Dominic Garrini to interrupt and attack Ross.  Soon thereafter Marshall Von Erich would hit the ring to even the odds as the Von Erich boys readied to unleash some Texas justice on Team Filthy.

Then the unthinkable happened: a new member of Team Filthy revealed himself in the form of Erick Stevens (learn more). 

Stevens, debuting earlier in the night on FUSION, would join his comrades in unleashing a beating on the Von Erich boys.  Crossing the line, the Team Filthy trio would go on to desecrate the Texas flag.  With Von Erich Nation on the brink of storming the ring, security readied for a riot as Team Filthy’s offensive and disgraceful post-match conduct escalated. 

League officials have fined all three members of Team Filthy an undisclosed amount and are considering a suspension and mandatory community service in Dallas to offset the heinous events that closed out this week’s episode of Fusion.

“These guys were acting like animals, not athletes,” said MLW CEO and Founder Court Bauer. “Texas and Major League Wrestling expect better and we will not tolerate this breach of conduct.” can confirm Team Filthy has asked to make a statement on the next episode of FUSION.

Meanwhile, the World Tag Team Champion Von Erichs have made a request for a match against Team Filthy on an upcoming show.

Could Team Filthy and the Von Erichs be headed towards a clash in Chicago April 18?

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