Mance Warner trains on Bucksnort farm for loser leaves MLW showdown

Mance Warner has been doing double session’s out at Uncle Moonman’s farm as he readies for the biggest match of his life.

Returning to his roots and doing strength and conditioning moving tractor tires, farm equipment and even his uncle when he’s had a bit too much West Virginia hooch, Mance Warner is seemingly locked in on a match that could conceivable make or break his career.

In addition to his work around the Bucksnort, Tennessee farm, Ol Mancer, who often enters a fight improvising as he goes, has watched a lot of footage of MJF and is putting in the work.

Mance Warner challenged MJF to a historic loser leaves MLW match a few weeks ago after the Dynasty had brutally beaten his uncle.

MJF, well known to have a hot head, accepted the challenge despite Alex Hammerstone’s warnings that accepting was ill advised. Despite this, the two contract multi-time champ moved forward with the high stakes bout.

Mance Warner has made his mark in just one year in MLW. From violent wars against the likes of LA Park, Sami Callihan and Jimmy Havoc, Ol Mancer has quickly become one of the most popular athletes. So much so his recent barbed wire match broke the all-time viewership on beIN SPORTS for MLW Fusion.

MJF, a decorated and ferocious force in MLW, has been with the league since its relaunch in October 2017. The first wrestler signed to an MLW contract, MJF is without a doubt one of the greatest challenges to date for Mance Warner in his young career in MLW.

MJF and Mance Warner will meet this Saturday night on MLW Fusion in a loser leaves MLW empty arena clash.

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