CONTRA Unit strikes MLW!

Contra claims to have seized MLW

Multiple attacks occurred overnight in Mexico and New York with CONTRA Unit taking responsibility for the assaults, which wounded countless MLW athletes and staffers.

While fans celebrated the closing ceremony of the historic Super Series at Auditorio Fausto Gutiérrez Moreno, backstage CONTRA Unit breached security and unleashed what one eyewitness described as “pure mayhem” in the locker room and surrounding area. 

“It was like a warzone… I don’t know, man. A few of them may be done for good. [They] were in bad shape… I could see some never wrestling again,” said an anonymous MLW wrestler who received minor wounds in the attack.

In what appears to have been a coordinated attack, CONTRA simultaneously stormed MLW’s headquarters in New York at approximately the same time as CONTRA’s assault in Mexico. 

As several wrestlers were attacked and Davey Boy Smith Jr. was thrown down several flights of stairs in Mexico, dozens of CONTRA’s Sentai Death Squad marched into MLW’s offices in New York.  

While the MLW production crew prepared Court Bauer for a remote interview on last night’s FUSION revealing the next Super Series live from his office, Josef Samael flanked by the Sentai Death Squad stormed his office. Before the broadcast could go live, Samael and his “crusaders” had compromised the broadcast feed. quickly locked down all security protocols, securing the website from CONTRA’s efforts to infiltrate and disseminate propaganda.

What happened next was broadcast on national television and streamed worldwide: CONTRA has seized MLW. will have more details on this breaking story as possible.

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