A new member of Injustice?


Who has linked up with Injustice?

“Injustice won’t let it slide”
              -Myron Reed

It appeared Injustice was down one member due to a fireball courtesy of CONTRA Unit… until World Middleweight Champion Myron Reed stepped up on this week’s Roll Call (watch) and dropped some shocking news:

CONTRA may have taken over MLW, but they won’t be taking over Injustice. Reed confirmed he has some “hitters in the back to fight for the boys and cautioned “the revolution will be televised.”

MLW.com has asked Reed to elaborate further on who could be linking up with the two talented albeit outspoken wrestlers in Injustice.  Reed hinted we won’t have to wait long and that it could be revealed in the days ahead on a future Roll Call session.

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