Dr. Sweglar on the road ahead for MLW’s return


Doc Sweglar looks at the road ahead for a potential re-opening.

Doc Sweglar attends a recent Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 symposium.

As sports leagues throughout the world attempt to re-open, MLW league physician Dr. Nelson Sweglar continues to monitor the latest science on COVID-19 testing.  

“This testing… it’s not as reliable as I’d like it to be,” said Doc Sweglar. 

With reliable research into overall COVID-19 test performance scarce at the moment, Doc Sweglar is concerned about false negative tests. “No test is flawless but even if it is at 90% accuracy that brings serious risk.”

MLW temporarily suspended promoting live events in early March when the coronavirus was categorized as a global pandemic by the CDC.

“Nevertheless, and not withstanding testing is going to be paramount in managing a possible re-opening as well as the virus itself.”

While testing is crucial, the league’s chief medical physician agrees with CEO Court Bauer that treatment is pivotal in meeting the criteria for the league to re-open but testing alone won’t bring about the greenlight to a return. 

“We’ve been ruminating on the criteria for over 2 months and along the way learning more about the virus,” Doc Sweglar said. 

Sweglar, originally from Johns Hopkins University, has been the league physician since October 2017 when MLW relaunched.  

“Testing, treatment and the road to immunity in some form will dictate the league’s path to re-opening,” Sweglar mused. “Until we have that, we must exercise patience. The science will dictate the timeline for the league’s return.” 

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