CONTRA strikes again

Can MLW’s locker room unite to take down CONTRA?

For weeks Los Parks have demanded CONTRA Unit answer for their attack on May 9th in the closing moments of the MLW/AAA Super Series.

Curiously, CONTRA remained silent.

As history has proven, when CONTRA goes silent, often they are preparing for their next strike. Such was the case in this instance.

In the shocking close to last week’s Pulp FUSION (WATCH), LA Park had just challenged CONTRA to a fight as he stood in his own private gym in Mexico when CONTRA attacked the legendary luchador.

The video would then be interrupted by Josef Samael who stated, “The renegades want to rise up? Infidels! Fools! Consider this a warning! HAIL CONTRA!”

In the aftermath, LA Park’s sons, LA Park Jr. & Hijo de LA Park both promised to soil the CONTRA flag with CONTRA’s own blood (WATCH).

With LA Park reportedly injured and furious, the Destroyer most certainly won’t remain quiet for long.

Meanwhile, many insiders point to this incident as an example for all MLW wrestlers to unite and take back the league from CONTRA Unit. Easier said than done but a valid point if MLW is to emerge from its “CONTRA crisis”.

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