Salina de la Renta Rocks MLW In Return

Salina de la Renta is back in MLW. No one knows of her plans, but her list of accomplishments in the league are already legendary

At only the age of 23, Salina has exuded versatility and a level of dominance in a business swarming with sharks both in and out of the squared circle. She not only has kept her head above water, but she IS the shark. The Bruja did just that with how she operated one of MLW’s most notoriously powerful groups in Promociones Dorado.

Savvy in her ways of strategy and knowledge, the Puerto Rican-born Empresaria sought to bring the Latin America brand to the forefront of MLW and Promociones Dorado was the perfect vehicle for her to hold reign over any adversaries.  With a legend like LA Park as her top client, she sliced her way through the waters and staked claim as one of MLW’s fiercest forces. 

Salina didn’t stop there. She may have been the queen of managing top talent, but she had more on her mind: breaking new ground. It wasn’t long before she secured her seat at the commentator’s table creating history in an industry that is already steeped in such.

“One day I heard, ‘We need a Spanish broadcaster. Who should we pick?’ Then there was a list, then there were a bunch of males on that list and me. I signed up for the job without even knowing I was going to become the first-ever Latina woman to call wrestling.” Salina told Sports Illustrated.

Even though she was natural behind the commentator’s booth, Salina was able to show her skills as a producer and soon found herself solely seated at the executive desk, marking another first for a Latina.

“Not only I am the first-ever Spanish female commentator in the history of professional wrestling, I’m also the first-ever Latina executive producer of an American wrestling show,” she stated to SI.

“I work hard every day and I have big goals. I work hard and this opportunity shows the confidence and, in a way, is an acknowledgement that I have arrived at a major level in this sport.”

And that she did. With the success of her first episode, it was no more than a month later when Salina once more found herself in the producer chair. Despite mastering nearly all facets of the league, Salina still was all the while able to successfully weave “Her Destroyer” to the very top of the MLW ranks. No doubt her influence and insight aided LA Park in procuring an MLW World Title shot after winning the Battle Riot match in April of 2019. That “Golden Ticket” eventually led to the “meeting of the monsters” between he and champion Jacob Fatu at Saturday Night SuperFight, the first ever PPV in league history. Park was defeated in what was a classic bout of brutality but unfortunately for Salina, The Bruja caught full impact of her involvement when she was inadvertently speared through a table by her hopeful champion.

That was six months ago and it so happened was the last we saw of Salina until last week during Pulp Fusion. There, we fittingly saw her standing on one of Mexico City’s highest rooftops, overseeing the landscape. “I am back” she simply stated. 

With Salina however, things are never simple and her return certainly signifies complications for anyone who holds power.  It is undeniable that MLW once more is a landscape she will be looking to change in her favor and states as such on the latest episode of MLW Pulp Fusion.

“Every one is asking, where have I been? But the question you should be asking is ‘What have I done?’

We’re all waiting to find out.

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