CONTRA In Control: What Does It Mean For MLW In 2020?

“Hail CONTRA” has been a phrase shouted by CONTRA Unit soldiers since the international cabal  first struck Major League Wrestling back in February of 2019, but it provides more of a sinister chill down the spine of the league as we travel forth in 2020.

Violent, sudden and dangerous, many foes have fallen at the feet of World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu and his fellow crusaders. The entire league was subject to such after the fifth and final stage of the MLW x AAA Super Series wrapped up in Tijuana back in mid-May. Josef Samael was at the helm of the hostile takeover on that fateful Fusion as he took control of the feed from MLW HQ in New York City. It was a literal blood bath across the league as wrestlers and even CEO Court Bauer were taken out. Claims of a complete rebuild were stated by Samael as he and CONTRA alerted everyone of their impending invasion, but by then it was too little too late. From the television broadcast, to the homebase, to all of the league’s social media outlets, everything had CONTRA’s black banner draped over it. Samael sure wasn’t lying about said warnings as they came right at the very beginning of 2020 with the Unit’s most harrowing harbinger of violence: their champion Fatu.

The talons of CONTRA are sunken deep into the skin of MLW but tabs on the what and whereabouts of “global dealers in violence” continues to remain volatile. Intentions were made concerningly clearer several days ago as Josef Samael issued a statement to officials that their plan worked. What did they have on their mind this entire time? A global platform and the league laid itself on a silver platter. CONTRA saw it ripe for the picking and now they aim to use it as a host body to raid and drain for their own crusades.

“Access to millions of souls with your precious TV deals. All to spread the word of CONTRA! This is what we wanted and now we have it and we will abuse it! HAIL CONTRA!” Samael screamed.

One notable victim of CONTRA’s conquests was Japan’s top ranked CIMA, who put up one hell of a fight against the Samoan Werewolf in the City of Brotherly Love on an episode of FUSION,, but was dispatched in a body bag by the Sentai Death Squad in what had to be one of the most frightening sights fans have ever seen occur in MLW. The league hasn’t seen him since.

Word is that CONTRA still has a stranglehold at MLW headquarters and one could only imagine the plans that are being brought forth. Could we all be “Hailing CONTRA” by the end of 2020?

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