Low Ki tangled up in litigation and commission suspensions


Dan Lambert causing chaos for Low Ki’s career

Low Ki

After getting into an alleged physical altercation with Team Filthy and ATT just moments before a press conference two months ago, Dan Lambert has bombarded Low Ki with lawsuits.

Claiming undisclosed damages caused to Team Filthy by having the press conference cancelled, Lambert has taken a full court press against the World Heavyweight Champion.

Taking it a step further, earlier this month Lambert blitzed state athletic commissions with trumped up allegations against Low Ki.

Claiming the “Lone Wolf of Brooklyn” to be of unsound mind and unfit to fight, Lambert has used his influence to get Low Ki suspended indefinitely.

Often, state athletic commissions honor each state’s suspension, therefore freezing Low Ki for competition in any state, thus putting Major League Wrestling in a position where their hands are tied.

Low Ki has vowed to fight the lawsuits and pursue having his name cleared in upcoming commission hearings.

Will Lambert force Low Ki into exile or will the Brooklyn-born fighter out maneuver the master fight general?

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