Major player looking to buy Promociones Dorado?

Is Salina in trouble or is she making big moves?

For the last 9 months Salina de la Renta has been a mystery.

Disappearing in late 2019 following a dominant presence in the league for over two years, Salina de la Renta resurfaced in June… and now the world has even more questions than ever before. has learned that a major player in the sport has tendered an offer to buy Salina de la Renta’s Latin American organization Promociones Dorado.  

While is confirming with additional sources about the party circling Salina’s company, the price tag indicated is “very impressive.”

“Every league is in an arms race for talent and Salina has connections to the best of the best luchadores,” said one source.

Promociones Dorado, which acts as a pipeline to the stars of Latin America for sports leagues, TV and film in the United States and abroad. 

A powerful player in sports and entertainment in Latin America, Salina de la Renta is one of today’s most sophisticated and driven entrepreneurs. Would the Empresaria also come along as part of a “packaged deal”?

While her main office is based out of Dorado, Puerto Rico, de la Renta has satellite offices in Mexico City, Miami, Chile and San Diego, Calif.

With Konnan recently dropping some shocking accusations, including claiming Salina owes the “wrong people” a “lot of money,” it stands to reason Salina could be fast-tracking a sell to address the business matters Konnan alleges are haunting Salina.

When reached for comment, Salina’s male assistant promptly ended the call.

Another theory is Salina is freeing up money to make a big move in the sport. What could that be? With Salina, anything is possible.

While a potential sale is far from a done deal, one thing is for sure: Salina is back and more wicked than ever.  Of course what would one expect from the young Puerto Rican powerbroker? Connected with the biggest television networks, entertainers and athletes of Latin America, Salina is always at the epicenter of the business and a few scandals.

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