UNDERGROUND RECAP: Kojima Defends World Title Against Vampiro, Mike Awesome vs. Jerry Lynn


“One more week and our paths will cross,” Raven warns Vampiro, but this week on MLW Underground, Vampiro has a World Title shot in store as he faces the champion in Satoshi Kojima.

Jerry Lynn is confronted by Christopher Daniels backstage. Daniels says he knows promoters have stabbed Lynn in the back, and he sees that he’s bitter and vulnerable. He says he can offer Lynn salvation. Lynn states he has “work to do” as he goes up against Mike Awesome tonight for #1 contendership rights. As for Daniels, he’s up next in triple threat action.

Fuego Guerrero vs. Super Crazy vs. Christopher Daniels

Daniels and Fuego lock up. Daniels shoves him down and then Super Crazy mimics Daniels with another shove down onto Fuego. He forces Fuego to sit down in the corner, but Guerrero isn’t having it. The three go back and forth with one another as athleticism is on full display.

Daniels grabs a microphone and tells the fans of Ft. Lauderdale to shut up. He and Crazy go at it, but head scissors sends Daniels sailing. Fuego ups the game and gives a unique head scissors of his own to Crazy.

After a brief break, buzzsaw kicks by Fuego get Crazy down for a two count. The two trade chops before a double suplex attempt against Daniels. No dice as Daniels bulldogs and clotheslines both foes down in stereo. Several pin attempts by Daniels, but once more, no dice.

A top rope body scissors by Fuego send Daniels to the outside. A reverse armdrag does the same to Crazy. The three brawl outside as Crazy and Fuego feel the wrath of the guardrail. Daniels gets fed to the ring post and everyone is feeling the effects.

Action goes back to the ring and hits a Lionsault to down Daniels and Fuego. A highly elevated facebuster by Crazy almost gets the win on Fuego, but Daniels breaks it up.

Daniels hits the BME but then it’s Crazy who gets a shoulder up. Daniels immediately goes for a submission but nothing doing. Fuego hits a Code Red on Daniels and a very near fall occurs.

Crazy clotheslines Fuego in the corner before hitting him with a sit-out powerbomb. Daniels has to make the save.

A dropkick to the knees by Fuego downs Crazy before soon suicide diving onto Daniels! The two punch it out as Crazy comes crashing down onto Daniels. This allows Fuego and Crazy to focus the action back into the realm of legality and sweeps the leg of Crazy before delivering the shooting star for the pinfall victory!

WINNER: Fuego Guerrero

Post-match, an irate Super Crazy tries to rip the mask off of Guerrero but his Los Maximos cousins come in for the save. This feud is far from over.

MLW called Mike Awesome for an opportunity of a lifetime. He just got out of the sports entertainment detox center. No longer will he be politically hijacked and no longer is his career gonna be driven into the ground. He’s gonna start with Jerry Lynn.

Number One Contendership For World Heavyweight Championship
Mike Awesome vs. Jerry Lynn

Joey Styles notes that these two men are wrestlers and Awesome is the first of the competitors to show that as he begins the assault on Lynn with his brute force and power. A hard clothesline from behind knocks Jerry down for a two count. Jerry soon avoids Mike and hits a high crossbody for two.

Lynn nearly gets speared out of his boots for a close call. Jerry certainly feels the force of that one.

Awesome and JL brawl on the apron and hits a guillotine leg drop to send Mike crashing to the outside. He goes airborne against the monster. Lynn charges at Jerry on the outside but gets vaulted over the guardrail allowing a bit of time for recovery. Awesome however takes a leaping charge over the guarlrail and sends Jerry crashing.

The action soon goes back into the ring and Awesome launches himself yet again with a springboard shoulder block. A pin attempt soon leads to a camel clutch as Awesome aims to wear Lynn down.

Lynn soon tries to clothesline Mike down and Awesome pops him up for a powerbomb, but Lynn catches him with a hurricanrana before hitting a patented tornado DDT for two! We see Christopher Daniels at ringside as murmurs of motives begin to arise.

A boot to the face by Awesome before he follows up with a sit-out Awesome Bomb! Lynn somehow kicks out!

Awesome goes for another Awesome Bomb, but Lynn reverses it into a DDT for a near fall of his own. A belly-to-belly downs Jerry once more as Awesome goes aerial with the once banned body splash! Two count!

Awesome goes for another Awesome Bomb, but Lynn rolls him up in a school boy. Two count! Hard clothesline knocks Jerry down and Awesome nails him with a running Awesome Bomb for the 1-2-3!

WINNER & Number One Contender For The World Title: Mike Awesome

Post-match, Daniels comes out with a microphone. He says he’s very disappointed in him. There’s been a line of disappointments from Jerry. He couldn’t win the World Title against Kojima and now he couldn’t win against Mike Awesome. He’s nowhere to be seen in the title picture. He’s been pinned on every MLW show that has been promoted. He says Jerry has a decision to make. He can go down the same path and listen to every one of these fans or he can wake up and realize Daniels’ way is the right way. If the Fallen Angel is by his side, Lynn can rule Major League Wrestling. Jerry grabs the mic. He only has one thing to say: “You’re absolutely right.” The two shake hands and it appears the two have formed a partnership.

Tick tock. Tick tock. Steve Corino says that’s the sound of Terry Funk’s career coming to an end. He says he’s younger and better than Terry has ever been and how ironic is it that he’s been trained by his older brother Dory? He’s gonna send Terry back to the Double Cross Ranch battered and bruised. Corino says he destroyed Dusty Rhodes and now Dusty is calling Terry to tell him not to go against Corino. Will it all be worth it? Steve says it sure will be for him. “See you Friday,” states the Extreme Horsemen Leader.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship
Vampiro vs. Satoshi Kojima (c)

Big fight feel here in Fort Lauderdale as official John Finnegan holds up the MLW Title. Vampiro goes for a handshake but Kojima backs off and decides to bow in respect instead. He and Vampiro lock up but the two quickly reset.

Vampiro drives Kojima in the corner as the two continue to better one another with a shoulder block. Frustration gets the better of Vampiro as he goes outside and throws a ringside chair in the ring. Kojima takes a moment to take a seat as Vampiro readies himself for more action.

Kojima starts with an armwrench, but Vampiro turns the tides and pulls the hair of the champ. Headbutts by Vampiro dizzy Kojima who gets tossed on the outside. Vampiro gets a boot to face by the guarlrail before getting suplexed on the floor by Kojima!

The fight spills into the crowd as fans seek safety. The two get back ringside briefly before taking the fight to the stage. Scoop slam by Vampiro who climbs the scaffolding to clothesline Kojima down!

We see Vampiro chokeslam Kojima down in the center of the ring after a break in the action. Vampiro comes flying off with a senton but misses. Kojima is the first to his feet and he catches Vampiro with a powerbomb for two. A modified neckbreaker by Kojima and another two count. Both men are clearly frustrated and not being able to get the win. Kojima delivers two dropkicks to the knee of Vampiro as Styles notes the pendulum of momemtum is in favor of Kojima. He dragon screws the leg of Vampiro, but Vampiro catches him for a pin attempt.

Vampiro baits Kojima in with a leg, but hits him with an enziguri. It’s not long before Kojima cinches in an STF. Somehow, some way, Vampiro makes it to the ropes.

Kojima pulls off the elbow pad and we all know what that means. Shades of Stan Hansen echo through Florida’s War Memorial as Kojima catches Vampiro with a lariat! That’s good enough for the win and the title retain!

WINNER and STILL MLW World Heavyweight Champion: Satoshi Kojima

Out comes new #1 contender Mike Awesome and the two begin brawling. Awesome soon catches Satoshi with a sit-out Awesome Bomb. The champ has been laid out by the number one contender, but Awesome ain’t done. He hoists a table into the ring a props it up in the corner. Sure enough a running Awesome Bomb sends Kojima crashing through the table. Awesome briefly holds up the title before exiting as he delivers a final “salute” to his opponent for Taboo.

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