Salina de la Renta issued promoter/managing license

What is Salina and Promociones Dorado up to?

Salina de la Renta and Promociones Dorado have been approved for renewal of her manager/promoter license in Major League Wrestling.

The news comes as Salina de la Renta finds herself in the middle of much rumor and innuendo. The Puerto Rican empresaria has been connected to talks with AAA Lucha Libre. Then, there’s Konnan who has aired out a bit of Salina’s alleged situation involving “owing the wrong people a lot of money.” has learned that most recently IWA Puerto Rico’s Savio Vega engaged Salina de la Renta about possible business talks. While details are unknown about the scope of their conversations, Salina is now tied in some way to another major promotion in Latin America.

Some believe Salina is making moves as she readies to go to war with CONTRA Unit for destroying her dreams at Saturday Night SuperFight. Others speculate Salina has put her former charge Los Parks in her crosshairs.

Then, there are the talks of Salina throwing “F— you money” around on new clothes, new real estate investments in Miami and Baja California as well as offering deals to promote some huge names in the sport.

Recently, Salina was spotted dining at the Ritz-Carlton Dorado in Puerto Rico with some major players in the sport.

While Salina once again finds herself at the epicenter of MLW, the office of Promociones Dorado released a statement touting the “Bruja’s” track record in MLW and Latin America sports and entertainment but offered little in the way of immediate plans. It is evident Salina is playing coy by design.

Having brokered some of the biggest matches, represented some of the all-time greats and operating her business with a ruthlessness zeal, one thing is for sure: Salina de la Renta is making moves and they likely will shock the world when she finally decides to reveal her cards.

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