Court Bauer on potential MLW restart

MLW CEO Court Bauer goes on the record about a restart.

Court Bauer

With MLW athletes stoking the flames of a restart and MLW CEO Court Bauer’s own cryptic tweets, spoke briefly with the league’s founder to get insight on where things stands amid the pandemic.

“I’ve been very encouraged by how the UFC, NBA, the NHL, Top Rank Boxing and DAZN Match Room boxing have managed operations as they restart,” said Bauer. “We’re also seeing TV and film start back up in certain regions in a cautious manner and that’s the mindset you need to operate with during this moment in time: caution.”

“We are speaking with some of the sharpest minds at Johns Hopkins University & Medicine on a restart and talked with New Japan’s people on how they’ve approached it – and they’ve done an incredible job… we also engaged some of our athletes who have competed outside of MLW during the pandemic to see what worked, what didn’t and what could be improved upon.”

“It’s very important to gather as much information, advice and medical analysis as possible and that’s what we’ve been doing,” Bauer continued. “That analysis gives you the best ability to do your job and navigate the next steps in examining a restart.”

A timeline for the restart is expected to be revealed this month.

Of course, there’s another hurdle MLW must also deal with for a restart in the form of CONTRA Unit’s current occupation of key aspects of the league’s operations.

When asked about a solution for the CONTRA conflict, Bauer declined to comment.

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