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Christopher Daniels starts off this week’s MLW Underground standing in a stairwell being flanked by none other than Dick Togo and Ikuto Hidaka, The Far East Connection. They’ll be taking on Los Maximos and Quiet Storm in tonight’s main event.

CW Anderson vs. Chris “Crowbar” Ford

Bell rings as the two opponents circle one another. Chris waistlock takedowns CW but Anderson turns it into a hammerlock. Crowbar reverses it into his own but it becomes a real chess match.

Crowbar suplexs CW and The Extreme Horseman has to recollect himself. A kick to the gut and axe handle tries to even things out, but it still is a back and forth battle between the two. Hooking clothesline followed by a high crossbody gets Crowbar a two count. Sky high then a slingshot somersault leg drop gets a two count as well. Crowbar baseball slides Anderson into the outside guardrail and sets up a chair. He sits CW down in it, and Crowbar comes leaping off flush against the prone body of Anderson!

Back from break, we see CW hit Crowbar right against the skull not once, but twice! The official admonishes CW and begins to pull the chair away – thrust kick by Crowbar! He hammers away at CW and then lays him out hard with a standing dropkick. Several clotheslines followed by a modified downward spiral gets a two count.

Belly-to-back, a slingshot splash, capped off with a moonsault gets a close fall for Crowbar. Anderson hits a hard kick to down Crowbar for a near fall. Anderson grabs hold of the chair once more, but the wiley Crowbar gets a well-place leg in between CW’s Andersons! Ford follows this up with a Northern Lights suplex onto the steel chair.

However, the chair lays in the center of the ring and it soons find Crowbar’s back as Anderson slams him on top of it for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: CW Anderson

We see Steve Corino. He lost to the legendary Terry Funk at Taboo. Corino is angry, upset and determined. He says this isn’t the last Terry will see of Corino. He says the Extreme Horsemen will show up on June 20 to bring the pain to Terry and Corino invites The Funker to bring anybody he wants to the dance.

The other two Extreme Horsemen in Simon Diamond and recent victor in CW. They are in the finals of The Global Crown Tag Team Tournament. They’re set to make their name known.

It’s a mystery as to who still attacked Los Maximos a few weeks back, but some of the suspects happen to be Mana and Samu of THe Samoan Island Tribe. They’re ready to go for them Global Crown Tag Team Titles.

Los Maximos & Christopher Daniels vs. The Far East Connection & Christopher Daniels

Hidaka and Jose Maximo start things off as the two opponents utilize their quickness to encounter a stalemate. Side headlock by Hidake, followed by a shoulderblock,and and arm drag. Arm drag by Maximo leads to stereo dropkicks and another stalemate.

Daniels gets tagged and so does Quiet Storm. Storm gets the best with a headscissors but a thumb to the eye evens the playing field for Dnaiels. Togo gets tagged in and he shows his strength with a crisp DDT. Togo offers a hand but in comes Daniels from behind and now a brawl ensues

Daniels hits a major league dropkick on Maximo. Maximo somehow gets Daniels cornered and we go to break.

Back from break. Storm is showcasing his abilities against the supremely talented Daniels. The Maximos then begin to rule the roost against The Fallen Angel before Quiet Storm begins to chop Christopher down hard. Storm locks in a modified STF. Hidaka kicks Daniels free and Togo comes in to hip toss him out of harm’s way.

However, Maximos show their chemistry with an amazing double team submission and it eventually leads to a two count on Togo. Hidaka and Togo show their savvy ring awareness and begin to regain control for their team.

Hidaka hits a dropkick on Jose Maximo and wrenches his leg. Togo tags himself in for a senton bomb. Two boots to the face of Jose as Joey Styles notes Togo’s style hearkens back to Dean Malenko. Jose frees himself but a hard clothesline keeps the order for the Far East Connection.

Daniels hits one beauty of a moonsault, but Joel Maximo breaks it it. Enziguri by Daniels prompts Christopher to cover, that gets broken up as well. A baseball slide and a flurry of attacks isolates Jose. He’s in trouble as the three opponents all get their shots on him.

One very hard DDT by Dick Togo gets such a close fall on Jose, but the fortitude is maximum with Maximo.

Daniels cinches in a head scissors submission, but Quiet Storm swoops in for the save. Jose finds himself being triple teamed by Daniels and The FEC.

Jose fights free and almost escapes, but Togo and Hidaka downs him hard. Somehow, Jose kicks out. He finally tags in his brother Joel!

Joel fights the Far East Connection off as Storm seeks after Daniels. There soon is a flurry of athletic maneuvers onto the outside of the Manhattan Center. Everybody’s gone airborne, Styles notes!

Back in the ring, it’s Hidaka and Storm going at it. Hidaka has a near submission on the leg, but Quiet Storm gets the ropes. Storm hits a modified Gory Special for a two count. No dice! A Northern Lights suplex by Storm, but still no!

Everybody begins to enter back into the action and Daniels hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Joel Maximo followed by a BME which almost gets the win, but Jose breaks it up.

Jose and Daniels goes against one another. Jose hits a frogsplash but Dick Togo tumbles in for the save.

A reverse rolling necksnap by Togo. Beautiful German suplex with a bridge by Maximo followed by a sitout powerbomb on Togo, but Daniels breaks it up.Daniels slams down Joel Maximo. Jose dropkicks Daniels out and Los Maximos mashes Togo through the mat with Spanish Fly! Daniels with another save. Dick Togo’s ankle was clearly crushed because of this and he is out of commission.

Quiet Storm soon almost has Daniels with a hurricanrana, a soon-to-be dragon sleeper into a DDT has Quiet Storm quieted and Daniels gets his arm raised.

WINNERS: Far East Connection & Christopher Daniels

Raven notes that Vampiro felt the Raven Effect. Vampiro will not be a martyer for him. That Raven Effect? He will continue to do it over and over to his former friend.

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