Underground: Fuego Guerrera vs. Ikuto Hidaka


Fuego Guerrera battles Ikuro Hidaka! CM Punk talks and more!

Setting Major League Wrestling on fire, Fuego Guerrera returns to action as he faces one of Christopher Daniels’ disciples, Ikuto Hidaka in a can’t miss styles clash!

One week before he debuts inside a Major League ring, the mercurial straight edge CM Punk addresses MLW fans for the first time.

The No.1 contender for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship, Mike Awesome chimes in as the big man puts Kojima in his crosshairs. 

The Extreme Horseman’s CW Anderson and Simon Diamond talk about the GTC Championship.

Plus, the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and his newest disciple, Jerry Lynn.

Joey Styles as he calls the action from Orlando, Florida!

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