Underground Recap: CM Punk Addresses MLW, Fuego Guerrera vs. Ikuto Hidaka


We see the formation of The Extreme Horsemen once more as they horrificly assault the legends Dusty Rhodes & Terry Funk.

Fuego Guerrera vs. Ikuto Hidaka

The Orlando crowd is amped up as both Hidaka and Fuego exchange handshakes before the two start off technical with arm wrenches takedowns, but it doesn’t long for the pace to pick up. Hidaka feeds a knee to Fuego but it’s not long for Fuego to fly as he fakes Hidaka out several times with some outside teases. Hidaka soon takes it to Fuego against the guardrail. He sling shots on top of Fuego, but only gets a two count before going to break.

Back from it, Hidaka gets a spinning wheel kick before taking a sidekick to the chest from Guerrera. Hard dropkick crashes Hidake into the corner. Some hard boots to the head gets a near fall for Hidaka. He hangs Fuego out the dry and dropkicks him in the head. He then focuses on the left knee of Fuego, wrenching away before Fuego gets to the ropes once again.

Enziguri evens the playing field as Fuego does a body scissors sunset flips Hidaka for a very close fall. Fuego hits a brainbuster and goes for Zero Gravity but Hidaka catches him with a neckbreaker from the top rope. A sit-out powerbomb gets a close fall.

Hidaka climbs up top but Fuego crotches him on the turnbuckle. Fuego backflips off before frankensteiner plants him on the canvas. A Zero Gravity standing shooting star press secures the win!

WINNER: Fuego Guerrera

Joey Styles says that next week Los Maximos will get to the bottom of who attacked them backstage.

Simon Diamond and CW Anderson are readedy for The Global Tag Team Crown Titles. They are going to become the franchise of tag team wrestling. CW begins stating classic tag teams of the industry and he says that The Extreme Horsemen are ready to establish their name in the genre.

Joey Styles says CM Punk makes his in-ring debut next week on MLW Underground. Styles admits he is rooting for Raven to kick the living hell out of the straight edge star. Styles reluctantly sends us to Punk

“How many people watching this know who I am,” he asks. “If you don’t know now, you should, my name is CM Punk and what I am is straight edge! I’m drug-free, I’m alcohol-free and what that means is I’m better than you,” states Punk. He doesn’t conform to your rules or stay to your standards. Everybody in MLW is all on call!

Masato Tanaka is ready to go after Mike Awesome for the number one contendership for the MLW World Title. Tanaka stakes his claim.

Christopher Daniels is with his new “disciple” Jerry Lynn. Many people like Paul London and Homicide may try and thwart their intentions, but they take their setbacks to put them in the past. Jerry says their will be nothing but pain, agony and despair for their MLW opponents. Their downward spiral ends as of now and everyone elses is just beginning.

We see Raven. He finds it amazing that when it came to harrass him, Vampiro no-showed. He wrestled CM Punk and thought for sure he’d show up. He calls hims something derogatory, but isn’t going to close the door on their grudge.

Suddenly, the whole MLW Underground feed is cut by CONTRA and Josef Samael. Since May 9, they’ve taken over all of league operations with a death grip. This isn’t 2003, but MLW has truly gone underground where it will slowly die, states Samael before the episode abruptly ends.

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