Salina launches clothing line

The Empresaria trademarks some questionable names

Major League Wrestling has learned Promociones Dorado is making moves on protecting its intellectual property… including trademarking some interesting names and phrases.

With rumors swirling that Salina is launching her own clothing line out of Miami, the Puerto Rican powerbroker is reportedly working around the clock with her fleet of fashionistas lead by Louis, the frantic member of her inner circle who recently hopped in a pool to save a $7,500 purse.

Salina’s personal assistant Louis

Salina reportedly is focused on premiering her line at Fashion Week in New York, pending the state of the pandemic. can confirm Promociones Dorado has filed the following names with the US Patent and Trademark Offices: 

•Salina’s VIPs

•Salina’s Very Important Peasants

•Gringo Marks

Salina by SalinaWhile some of the names are a surprise, Salina’s disdain for wrestling fans remains consistent as reflected with some of the above terms.

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