Lawlor’s unsolved filthy mystery deepens

An unsolved filthy mystery deepens.

It’s been two weeks since Dominic Garrini’s disappearance in the jungles of Brazil.

Team Filthy has sent out several search parties while Kookies and Kream, the official sponsor of the fight team, has issued a generous $5,000 reward. Recently, a facial composite sketch was released to the public.

While tips have poured in, none have brought the jiu jitsu gold medalist back home as this unsolved filthy mystery continues.

However, it hasn’t stopped “Filthy” Tom Lawlor from turning a negative into a positive. Well, sort of. Fans can now purchase an Unsolved Filthy Mysteries T-shirt exclusively at

Will proceeds from the shirt go towards funding further searches for Garrini?

When pressed by during a Zoom call today, a Team Filthy representative extinguished a cigarette, belched and said, “Look, this search stuff could take a long time. We have a whole fight team and trainees committed to searching Rio, Copacabana, Ipanema… we may just have to go to some of those resort towns in Costa Rica.”

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