Logan Creed looks to go to war


The hell raising goliath Logan Creed stomped into Major League Wrestling in late 2019 and destroyed 20 men in a battle royal before unleashing more destruction on the Dynasty throughout the winter.

Then, the “One Day War” occurred as CONTRA Unit struck MLW on May 9th in calculated simultaneous attacks in both New York and Mexico.

With the league in a state of suspended hibernation due to CONTRA and the COVID-19 pandemic, the massive mauler reportedly returned to the swampy haunts of his home in Georgia where he has trained and readied for a war of his own.

Little did anyone know it was Logan Creed in the Pulp FUSION videos who for weeks appeared to be watching, learning and perhaps stalking CONTRA Unit, the Dynasty and anyone he clearly sees as an enemy that needs to be dealt with.

What happens next? Only Logan Creed knows but one thing is certain: there will be hell to pay.

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