Underground Recap: Who Takes Home The Global Tag-Team Crown?


Underground this week takes the camera into the limousine of The Extreme Horsemen as they seem to have a plan in mind while pulling up to the arena. That is all but confirmed as we see Terry Funk interacting with excited MLW fans. Funk exchanges words with the threesome before they leap out of the limo and attack the legend right on the street. Corino certainly takes it to the extreme as he bounces Funk’s head off the sidewalk before all three take the boots to him. Terry is bleeding profusely as cameras cut and the show begins.

Thankfully, Joey Styles is here to give us an update: Terry Funk is being tended to after suffering severe lacerations on his forehead, and unfortunately isn’t sure if we’ll get further update before the program ends.

Speaking of vicious attacks, there is footage that is too graphic to show the Underground audience as La Parka once more attacks Bill Alfonso. Styles watches in horror as he notes how badly this particular attack is and states that it’s likely quite sometime until we see Sabu’s manager once more.

Tonight, however, is something to look forward to as MLW will crown the Global Crown Tag-Team Champions as Dr. Death Steve Williams and his protege PJ Friedman face off against The Extreme Horsemen in Simon Diamond and CW Anderson!

Something to look forward to next week on Underground will be Paul London debuting in MLW against Jerry Lynn. As we all know, Jerry has accepted the guidance of Christopher Daniels after suffering loss upon loss here in Major League Wrestling. Is this an alliance that will be beneficial to the seasoned veteran. London certainly doesn’t think so as we see the youngster all fired up as he champions his shooting star press against Jerry’s cradle piledriver.

We see a beautiful woman sitting under a tree. She calls herself Simply Luscious and soon we’ll see her set a scene for the women’s division in Major League Wrestling.

Next up, we see Steve Corino making his way to the airport. He tells us (and Terry) that he’s heading to Tokyo, Japan for one more run before the two meet in a no ropes barbed wire match in Fort Lauderdale, FL on June 20! Corino says while in the Land of The Rising Sun, he’ll seek sage advice from men who have dabbled in such deadly bouts. He makes it clear that he finally will put Terry out to pasture and into retirement.

Los Maximos tells Joey Styles and the MLW crew that they must love playing that clip of them getting beat down a few weeks back on Underground. Well Jose & Joel don’t need a reminder – they remember it very clearly, but whoever took them out didn’t kill them or didn’t make sure that they couldn’t walk, and that was their first mistake. The brothers give their attackers seven days to reveal themselves or they will be sure to teach them the fighting ways of Brooklyn.

Joey Styles announces a working partnership with Ricky Choshu’s World Japan promotion and makes it known that Kenzo Suzuki will be debuting with MLW on June 20 at Hybrid Hell as well!

We see some earlier footage of Steve Corino who happened to find some barbed wire outside of the Philadelphia Airport. He talks of Funk’s familiarity with barbed wire at The Double Cross Ranch. Terry may be an animal but Corino is not. He starts comparing his accolades to the legend’s . He admits he’s a little nervous and he may walk out bloody and he may walk out in a lot of pain, but he will walk out the victor.

Who’s the number one contender for the World Title? It happens to be Mike Awesome who defeated Masato Tanaka to earn that right. In a first in this longstanding rivalry, Tanaka was unable to answer the bell as Awesome Awesome Bombed him over the top rope and through a table onto the outside.

Styles notes that this is a very angry Mike Awesome and he’s had enough. He’s dangerous, not only to himself, but to others in the ring. Satoshi Kojima is in his sights.

Mike Awesome says as much too right after he defeated Tanaka. He wants that World Title worse than anything he can believe. He is the future of hybrid underground wrestling and he’s gonna show him just how “awesome” he can be.

Styles does make note that we’ll be seeing clips of Sabu and La Parka’s first encounter in MLW at King of Kings (whatever the censors allow) next week.

MLW is about blending the stars of today and the stars of tomorrow. One who has been abrasive to a great deal of the locker room is Michael Shane. Shane happens to be the nephew of none other than Shawn Michaels. Styles presents to us footage of Francine “accidentally” walking in on Shane as he’s readying for his match and one can only think she’s looking to manage the young star.

Styles makes note that is should be soon that MLW will see a Junior Heavyweight Champion crowned. He can’t wait to call such a historic moment as the division shows it’s extraordinary skills. Styles also cues us in on the status on Terry Funk. He lets everyone know that The Funker will be ready to roll against Steve Corino at Hybrid Hell.

MLW Global Crown Tag Team Championship Finals
The Extreme Horsemen (Simon Diamond & CW Anderson) vs. Steve Williams & PJ Friedman

The Horsemen start matters off very underhandedly as they attack Friedman with two chairs right off the bat, but it’s Dr. Death who comes firing out on all cylinders from the entryway and takes it to both opponents.

Williams nearly gets the win on Diamond after his patented powerslam but CW just mananges to break it up!

Williams takes the two one alone and looks to be in major control, but two punches from both and a double flatliner lays the powerhouse down. This has clearly turned into a handicap match as Friedman has still yet to get up after those steel chair shots.

You can’t keep Dr. Death down however as he continues to to fight back. Williams fends CW off in the corner as we see Friedman get to his feet, a bloody mess. A floatover snap suplex nearly keeps Williams down but no dice. A fierce spinebuster by Anderson lays Dr. Death out, but he still kicks out!

We do happen to see Friedman get back into the fold, but a superkick feedis a steel chair into the already hindered Friedman. Then, a double superkick lays him out for the 1-2-3, giving Diamond and Anderson the tainted victory and making them the first-ever MLW Global Crown Tag Team Champs.

WINNERS and Global Crown Tag Team Champions: The Extreme Horsemen

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