Brian Pillman Jr. returns

An unexpected return for the restart.

Brian Pillman Jr. is back.

League officials and Pillman have made amends. has confirmed Pillman will be part of MLW’s restart this Fall… and Pillman wasted no time in making a shocking statement in his return.

In the closing moments of this week’s Pulp FUSION, Pillman made his first appearance in over 4 months on MLW airwaves.  As Injustice talked about their goals for the restart, Pillman smashed a steel chair into the back of Myron Reed before cracking a steel chair across the head of Jordan Oliver.

Pillman, who had been jumped numerous times by Injustice in the past clearly has a vendetta and has put Injustice in his crosshairs.

With rumors swirling about a Pillman vs. Reed title match before CONTRA seized control of MLW earlier this year, could a title match be back in the mix when MLW restarts?

Vowing that he is bullet proof and with nothing to lose, Pillman re-enters MLW driven by vengeance… but does justice await in the form of Reed and Oliver? The restart may hold the answer.

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