Garrini reunited with Team Filthy; recruits new fighter

Dominic Garrini has been found safe and sound.

As seen on this week’s Pulp Fusion, Garrini was discovered as Tom Lawlor and Erick Stevens braved the jungles of the Amazon in search of their lost fellow fighter.

Upon discovering Garrini, the BJJ gold medalist shared a shocking revelation of his own: he had found the next member of Team Filthy.

Introducing Kevin Ku, who Garrini had witnessed destroy the competition in an Inoki jungle fight tournament, Dominic Garrini quickly moved to recruit the fighter.

Lawlor dispatched Garrini to find a new member for their fight team as they look to stack the odds in their favor in their continuing war with the Von Erichs.

Will Kevin Ku be the secret weapon Team Filthy needs to wrestle the World Tag Team titles away from Ross and Marshall Von Erich? We will have that answer as MLW kicks off it’s restart soon.

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