Underground Recap: Johnny Smith Challenges Kojima For World Title Gold


We’re just four days away from Hybrid Hell in Fort Lauderdale, FL where the World Champ Satochi Kojima will go up against Mike Awesome with the belt on the line, but that’s only if Kojima can get past the British wrestling extraordinaire, Johnny Smith. It all takes place under the All Japan Pro Wrestling banner tonight.

Styles talks about the psychological warfare going on between Raven and CM Punk. Despite having such high standards with his straight-edge values, he’s kind of an arrogant jerk, according to Styles. Raven however, isn’t who he once was anymore. CM Punk got so close to taking out the man from the Bowery, but Raven ended up winning in their first encounter. Punk believes that he can certainly win in a rematch. We see Raven who is indeed different and is more on the optimistic side than the dour side. He may not agree with Punk’s ideals, but he appreciates any man with a stance. Raven is all about delivering plenty of Raven Effects on the up-and-comer and has just one major point of advice for him: protect your face when taking it because you’ll certainly end up with a broken nose.

Joey Styles reveals that The Extreme Horsemen will be presented with their Global Crown Tag Titles. Styles notes about their drastic and dirty tactics against their opponents in the finals: Dr. Death and his protege PJ Friedman due to their heinous attack with a steel chair before the match even started. There is much curiousity if Friedman will ever wrestle again.

Styles interviews Los Maximos after they are set for their second match against the Samoan Island Tribe. Joel speaks in Spanish while his brother Jose translates for him and let’s just say it might not be verbatim.

Joey Styles promotes the debut of the big Kenzo Suzuki and also the teases we’ve been getting from the mysterious Simply Luscious. We certainly see a different side of her this time around.

Paul London defeated Jerry Lynn in his MLW debut and after that upset Jerry and Christopher Daniels beat down London. This prompted London to issue a Young Lion’s Challenge: meaning that for London to get a spot on the MLW roster, he has to beat his opponent two times out of three. London looks to prove that win against Lynn wasn’t a fluke and will do so starting at Hybrid Hell.

Steve Corino has never had a barbed wire match-up who will be facing Terry Funk in one at Hybrid Hell. Funk sure has had his fill, but now Corino is currently in Japan and it’s certainly includes seeking all the sage advice from the veterans of the bout,

We briefly see Mike Awesome backstage and he’s all but ready for the biggest moment of his career to face Kojima at Hybrid Hell.

Speaking of Funk, he’s asked about the differences between feuding with The Four Horsemen and feuding with The Extreme Horsemen. Terry isn’t sure there is a difference. He doesn’t even understand why they’re called the Extreme Horsemen. Funk wrestled in the last barbed wire match against Sabu, but he’ll damn well crawl in the ring one more time in that nest with that “chicken sh*t” Corino.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship
Johnny Smith vs. Satochi Kojima (c)

Official introductions are made and the two competitors shake hand before sizing one another up and getting a feel for their styles. A tight lock-up in the center of the ring before the two quickly reset and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we see Johnny down as Styles notes both have been through a battle so far. Kojima hits Smith with a solid forearm in the corner before hitting an elbow drop to down Smith for just a two count.

Textbook neckbreaker by Kojima only gets him a two count. The resilient Smith turns the table and hits the champ with a lariat of his own and gets himself a very near fall.

Smith goes for another clothesline but Kojima counters it with a Koji-cutter. He covers, but only gets two. Falcon arrow Kojima, but Smith pops right up courtesy of adrenaline and hits Kojima with a DVD. This gives him time to recover. A devastating sit-out powerbomb by Smith all but takes Kojima out, but the champion finds himself still fighting as he also perseveres through a picture perfect German suplex.

He goes for a second dip but Kojima catches him with a lariat. Only two! Johnny soons finds enough energy to hit his British Falls finisher for a close fall, but just not quite! He attempts to hit the move again but Kojima Northern Lights suplexes himself to safety. Kojima goes for his Hansen-like lariat, but Smith grabs his arm and turns it into a backslide pin attempt. Only two once more! Smith is astounded at what to do. He tries to go for his own version of a Lariato, but Satochi catches him and hits him with one of his own! 1-2-3 in a very hard-fought victory!

WINNER & STILL MLW World Champion: Satochi Kojima

Will four days be enough for Kojima to get himself ready for the wrath that will be Mike Awesome?

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