LA Park Jr. joins MLW for #TheRestart

LA Park to introduce his younger son to America this Fall

LA Park Jr.
LA Park Jr.

Major League Wrestling (“MLW”) today welcomed its newest member to the roster with LA Park Jr. officially joining the league.

The youngest son of the legendary LA Park, LA Park Jr. is the latest of several roster acquisitions that will be revealed in conjunction with MLW’s highly anticipated restart this fall.

LA Park Jr. may be the most mysterious member of Los Parks. 

The newest member of the “realest family” in the sport, LA Park Jr. is the younger and tallest member of Los Parks.

LA Park Jr. is a vicious brawler, much like his father, the legendary Mexican luchador LA Park.

Emerging as part of the new generation of luchadores on the Mexican circuit, LA Park Jr. promises destruction in his wake.

Embracing chaos in his fighting style, LA Park Jr. is distinctly different compared to his older brother, middleweight Hijo de LA Park, who has a reputation for being more strategic in the ring. LA Park Jr. has often been referred to as a human

This enigmatic heavyweight now looks to claim gold and conquer all in his path as he represents Mexico and his legendary family in Major League Wrestling. 

Join the conversation. Use #TheRestart when discussing MLW’s return this fall.

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