Underground Recap: Dr. Death & D-Lo Brown Face The Extreme Horsemen


Steve Corino, Mike Awesome and Terry Funk are all on a collision course with the World Championship in the mix and all those questions will be sifted through as the weeks wage on, but for now, we go from seasoned vets to hopeful prospects as three newcomers square off to face one another in an attempt to catch the eye of league officials.

Fast Eddie vs. Don Juan vs. Masada

Cameras are rolling for the upstarts who look to prove themselves. Masada starts off strong with a powerslam, but Don Juan breaks it up. Don and Masada go toe to toe and Masada makes Don have it with a Northern Lights suplex and rolls it into a front headlock. Fast Eddie gives Don and Masada a couple kicks as we go to break.

Back from break, Fast Eddie delivers a headscissor takedown onto Don Juan that sends him to the outside. Fast Eddie then gives Don an Asai moonsault. Masada joins the fray with an over the top senton.

Back in the ring, Don plants Masada hard with a gripping neckbreaker. Masada gets a little innovative with a hangman backbreaker. Masada goes for the killshot, but a too fast Fast Eddie takes out the back knee of Masada. Nonetheless, Eddie tries to stay on the offensive, but so does Don has he hits a backstabber in the corner on Masada. Fast Eddie swoops in and he hits a top rope rotating powerslam. Masada can just barely break it up!

Masada crotches Eddie on the top rope and hits a sit-out DVD to finish him off and get the W.

WINNER: Masada

We see Simon Diamond and CW Anderson. Diamond says people should be thanking them for bringing back tag team wrestling. The GTC Champions said they would re-establish tag team talents in the sport of kings and CW says to get ready for a long ride by The Extreme Horsemen.

Joey Styles notes that CEO Court Bauer has forgoed pretty much any count-outs and disqualifications currently in MLW. This will certainly have major measures for the weeks to come on Underground

Sabu is now embroiled in a feud with Mikey Whipwreck, but he must still contend with the whole Army of Darkness, Styles notes.

Kenzo Suzuki is more than happy to have defeated Norman Smiley last week and was even happier to make sure all the “wiggles” strictly go down in the hospital.

Bill Alfonso may have been sent to the hospital two times, but he makes it clear that Mikey Whipwreck it’s gonna feel Sabu’s signature style of violence.

Three stars of MLW looking to drop a few folks are both the brothers of Los Maximos and also newcomer Homicide who continue to aim to stake their claim in the league.

We cut to Josh Daniels. He brings substance to MLW and he’s going to carry Canadian excellence to the opposition.

Global Tag Team Crown Championship Presentation

CW Anderson and Simon Diamond are officially introduced as they come flanked by some local ladies of the nearby Bada Bing. Tonight they will receive the new Global Tag Team belts for the first time. CEO and match maker Court Bauer stands with the new belts in his hands waiting to reveal them to the fans and the talent in attendance. The ladies exit the ring and Simon announces to Fort Lauderdale that it’s time to celebrate what they said they were going to do and that’s deliver. Now it’s time to crown The Extreme Horsemen. CW sends the gals (rudely mind you) to the back. They want to get the ceremony underway. Dr. Death puts a stop to that as he comes out all fired up.

Diamond and CW aren’t happy at the interruption as WIlliams says their looking at the legend and they may have taken out PJ Friedman for good, but he has a new partner. Before he can get the word out, CW and Simon take Dr. Death out. Suddenly, who comes out but D-Lo Brown and the crowd goes crazy as the ceremony gets interrupted for an impromptu match!

The Extreme Horsemen vs. Dr Death Steve WIlliams & D-Lo Brown

Doc hits a top turnbuckle shouldblock and a series a lariats level Diamond out. Simon hits a superkick and a monkey flip, but Dr. Death hits a running double thrust throat chop. Tag to D-Lo, he wrenches the arm but Diamond fights him off enough to tag CW. D-Lo still stays in control with a clothesline, a scoop and a slam before his patented head bob leg drop. A kick out as we cut to break.

Back from it, it’s Dr. Death who is all over CW Anderson, but CW wisely avoids an attack to beautifully spin it into a Fujiwa armbar. The resilient WIlliams won’t submit and Simon tags for some offense. A quick tag back to CW isolates the legend and cuts the ring in half. Dr. Death downs both men and he makes a tag to D-Lo who is a house of fire. Calf kick to CW and back body drop to Diamond. Big spinebuster to Anderson that gets a two and a half count.

Sure enough, D-Lo hits a Sky High, but Diamond crashes in for the save. Dr. Death handles Diamond and CW down with some football-like takedowns.

A splash to Simon in the corner takes out Diamond, and D-Lo plants CW down with a spinning side effect. D-Lo goes for a Low Down, but Diamond pulls his partner out of the way. Spinebuster by CW and it’s good enough for the three count.

WINNERS: Simon Diamond & CW Anderson

Dr. Death may have gotten the L against The GTC Champions tonight, but you know he’s aims to right the ship with help of the extreme expertise of The Sandman as the league readies itself for St. Petersburg,

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